Spiritual Experiences # 3962

Por Emanuel Swedenborg
/ 6110  

3962. On Memory

In the other life they are not allowed to make use of their own memory, for the reason among others that those who draw upon their memory of things past, are not only concerned about future ones, but also worried that things in the present are not like those of the past, and sad about whatever state they are in. But it was also seen that they then desire to live only from themselves, for to live from one's own memory is to live as if from one's own power, which a spirit is not permitted to do, while a person on earth is allowed to do so more than a spirit, and this for many reasons. Therefore a spirit, because he uses man's memory, imagines himself to be the person he is with, but if he should use his own memory, then he would think he was not that person, but himself. So for the sake of the use of being of service to mankind, it is not permitted him to use his own memory. 1748, 13 Nov.

/ 6110  

Thanks to the Academy of the New Church, and Bryn Athyn College, for the permission to use this translation.