Simeon and Anna Bless the Newborn Baby Jesus

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If we can be like Simeon -- loving to see truth, and Anna, loving to be good -- we will be ready, and listening, and willing to be moved by the spirit, and we will see the Lord born in our lives.

Criado ou traduzido por: Ray and Star Silverman

Data de criação: 2020

Crédito: Many thanks to Ray and Star Silverman for the permission to use the materials from their book, "A Seamless Garment," for the chapter summaries for the Four Gospels.

Direitos de autor: Copyright by the author

All rights reserved. These commentaries have been published serially, with Matthew in 2020, Mark in 2021, Luke in 2022, and now John continuing in 2023.

Licença: Used with permission - Ver termos

Sobre: This is a study of the Four Gospels as a divinely arranged narrative, from the first word of Matthew to the last word of John.

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