Numbers 30:5

Estudar o significado interno


5 και-C ακουω-VA--AAS3S ο- A--NSM πατηρ-N3--NSM αυτος- D--GSF ο- A--APF ευχη-N1--APF αυτος- D--GSF και-C ο- A--APM ορισμος-N2--APM αυτος- D--GSF ος- --APM οριζω-VAI-AMI3S κατα-P ο- A--GSF ψυχη-N1--GSF αυτος- D--GSF και-C παρασιωπαω-VA--AAS3S αυτος- D--GSF ο- A--NSM πατηρ-N3--NSM και-C ιστημι-VF--FMI3P πας-A1S-NPF ο- A--NPF ευχη-N1--NPF αυτος- D--GSF και-C πας-A3--NPM ο- A--NPM ορισμος-N2--NPM ος- --APM οριζω-VAI-AMI3S κατα-P ο- A--GSF ψυχη-N1--GSF αυτος- D--GSF μενω-VF2-FAI3P αυτος- D--DSF

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By Henry MacLagan

Verse 4. Then, if this determination of the will and understanding be in harmony with essential good from the Lord, this devotion and consecration, at first from comparatively external motives, shall be confirmed inwardly.

   Estudar o significado interno

Explanation of Numbers 30      

By Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-2. When any one in the knowledge of the truth devotes himself to the Lord internally or externally by compelling himself to obedience, he must not profane the truth by acts of disobedience.

Verses 3-5. When any one in the affection of truth in the beginning of regeneration, does the same, his devotion may be confirmed if it is in agreement with internal good, but not otherwise; and remission may follow, because ignorance or error prevents the agreement of external good with internal.

Verses 6-8. Also if any one who is externally in truth conjoined with good does the same, similar results will follow.

Verse 9. But devotion from merely selfish motives, results in the confirmation of falsity and evil.

Verses 10-12. While yet devotion from selfish motives apparently, when truth conjoined with good is predominant internally, may also be followed by genuine confirmation or not.

Verse 13. For it is the state as to internal truth conjoined with good that decides.

Verses 14-15. And therefore, generally, confirmation in good or otherwise, depends upon the state internally; and it is the internal man that must endure temptations, and thus overcome evil, by power from the Lord, in order that the external may come into harmony with it.

Verse 16. All the foregoing are laws of Divine Order as to the conjunction of good and truth and as to the relation between the internal and external man.

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