Deuteronomy 21:20



20 καί-C εἶπον-VF2-FAI3P ὁ- A--DPM ἀνήρ-N3--DPM ὁ- A--GSF πόλις-N3I-GSF αὐτός- D--GPM ὁ- A--NSM υἱός-N2--NSM ἐγώ- P--GP οὗτος- D--NSM ἀπειθέω-V2--PAI3S καί-C ἐρεθίζω-V1--PAI3S οὐ-D ὑποἀκούω-V1--PAI3S ὁ- A--GSF φωνή-N1--GSF ἐγώ- P--GP συνβολοκοπέω-V2--PAPNSM οἰνοφλυγέω-V2--PAI3S

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By Alexander Payne

Verse 20. And by means of the good and truth of the Church it shall be made evident to the perception of truth existing from that doctrine that the principle is unyielding to the influences of good and truth, and opposes them, and quenches the Divine Influx in the soul; and eagerly appropriates evil, and imbibes falses which dissipate true wisdom.