5 Mose 20:14



14 Doch die Weiber und die Kinder, und das Vieh und alles, was in der Stadt sein wird, alle ihre Beute, sollst du für dich rauben; und du sollst die Beute deiner Feinde essen, die Jehova, dein Gott, dir gegeben hat.

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By Alexander Payne

Verse 14. But the good affections thereof and all that are innocent, and the natural affections thereof and all that can. be made subservient to use in those doctrines, all the good that remains after temptation, shall be appropriated to the soul; thus the regenerate life will be recruited by good and truth acquired in temptation-combats with evil and falsity, which will be appropriated to the soul by the Divine Love and Wisdom.

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