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We're alive; that's pretty exciting. It's a great gift. So... how should we live? What are some guidelines that help us overcome hard times, and help create better times, and be all that we can we?

What's Good?

Becoming a "good" person is a process. You invite the Lord into your life and trying to live according to His will instead of your own selfish will.

What's the point?

Here we are.... human beings. We're smart, talented, inventive, productive, and capable of spiritual awareness. Is there a reason for that?

Real Faith

"Faith is an internal recognition of truth." That's how Swedenborg begins his book about Faith. Here's a place to start exploring this deeply human topic.

Salvation - How?

For anyone who believes in heaven, one question stands above all the others: How can I get there? How can I be saved?

Will and Understanding

As human beings, we get stuck all the time in conflicts between what we want and what we know. We want to eat that extra piece of pie, but we know over-eating is bad for us.....

Covenant, Reciprocation, and Conjunction

Covenant, Reciprocation, and Conjunction are three parts of the process of our spiritual rebirth.


Being useful. What's meant by that?

How to Be Fruitful

In all the ways we are useful to others, from occupations to child rearing, the Lord can cause us to bear fruit as we become ever more sensitive to what is of hell within us, and attempt to change. Being useful, even if our motives are not pure at first, teaches us, trains us, to care for others. Love for the neighbor grows as we learn to care by serving others and not just self.

Freedom or Free will

Freedom -- what is it really?


Rationality is the ability of the intellect to understand what is true and good (and the opposite, what is false and evil).

Human Faculties or Capabilities

"Endowed by their Creator" - in New Christian thought, with two capabilities: spiritual freedom, and rationality.

Happiness From Living Usefully

What was Samson's Riddle? And how in the world does it apply in our lives 3000 years later?


The Lord wants us to be happy. Really, lastingly happy. From John 15:11: "I have told you these things so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete." So... how do we get there from here?


Repentance doesn’t just mean confessing our sins, being forgiven, and then forgetting about it and going right back to what we were doing before. In order to truly repent, we need to change our ways.

147 - Sin: The Way In and the Way Out

Sin comes first into our desires, then into our thoughts, and finally, if we let it, into our actions.

234 - Usefulness

We can be thrown off the scent when the Word talks of resting from our labors. The best preparation for heaven is learning to love and enjoy being useful.

248 - To Guide Our Feet Into the Way of Peace

This is a beautiful prophecy, but two thousand years later much in our world is still not peaceful. Why is that?

What is Evil?

Evil is the inversion of good. It develops when we receive life from the Lord, as all created beings do, and turn it primarily towards ourselves, making our self the main focus. In the process of doing this, we engender fear, hatred and the love of dominating others.

What the Bible Says about Being Born Again

Our spiritual life changes gradually. Not all at once. Are we heading in the right direction? How can we be spiritually reborn? It's a process. (See 2 Peter 1:5, and many other places in the Word.)


In Swedenborg's works "charity" is usually the English rendering of the Latin word "caritas", which is also the root of the verb “to care.”