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Being Useful

New Christian thought emphasizes processes - the process of shunning evil, the process of learning truths, the process of making yourself develop good habits. One key process - and mindset - is that of being useful.

234 - Usefulness

We can be thrown off the scent when the Word talks of resting from our labors. The best preparation for heaven is learning to love and enjoy being useful.


"Charity" is an English rendering of the Latin word "caritas", which is the root of the verb “to care.”


Being useful. What's meant by that?

How to Be Fruitful

In all the ways we are useful to others, from occupations to child rearing, the Lord can cause us to bear fruit as we become ever more sensitive to what is of hell within us, and attempt to change. Being useful, even if our motives are not pure at first, teaches us, trains us, to care for others. Love for the neighbor grows as we learn to care by serving others and not just self.

Happiness From Living Usefully

What was Samson's Riddle? And how in the world does it apply in our lives 3000 years later?

Life on slippery slopes

Life is full of "slippery slope" problems. Human beings have to learn to deal with them, AND... human beings are designed, evolved, and equipped to do exactly that.

Outbound Love

It's nice to be loved. What about the reverse?

Love - What is the truth about it?

Love is God, love is life, love is the goal of every person, love is what takes us to heaven or hell, love is the actual source of all matter and energy in the universe...

What's Good?

Becoming a "good" person is a process. You invite the Lord into your life and trying to live according to His will instead of your own selfish will.

The Gate of the Year

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”

Love of Self

Imagine a society where everyone is always "looking out for #1".

I Am Third

This was the guiding philosophy of the great man, and great Chicago Bears running back, Gale Sayers.


The Lord wants us to be happy. Really, lastingly happy. From John 15:11: "I have told you these things so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be complete." So... how do we get there from here?

The Activity of Love

A person is [in effect] worshiping all the time if love and charity abide in him.

Freedom and Responsibility

The American founders knew that government by the people would only work if the people were a virtuous people.