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Life after death

Is there life after death? Christian teaching says yes. Islamic teaching says yes. Buddhist teaching says "yes, sort of". Science says... maybe. It's a pivotal subject. Let's take a look at it.

The Most Important Teachings About Heaven and Life After Death

Here's a summary of the key New Church teachings about Heaven and life after death. Heaven is a real state on a different plane, in the spiritual world, and it's worth turning your life around to get there.

Heaven and Hell

Is Heaven a tropical garden with fruit for the picking, or is it a place of fluffy white clouds and harp music? Is Hell the opposite?

Is There Life After Death?

I remember an older friend of mine saying... indeed, pointing out the obvious... that in about hundred years from now everyone alive today will be dead. It wasn't said as some kind of doomsday forecast or in any morbid way. It is a fact. We are all going to die. And it's useful and healthy to talk calmly about it. But while the body dies and is discarded, the mind or spirit within, which is the essential person we are, goes on living.


In the Bible, there are quite a few stories about angels. Angels visit Abraham and Lot. An angel blocks Balaam's path. The angel Gabriel visits Mary and Joseph. There are other stories, too. So, what about angels? What does the New Christian Church teach about them?

Did Jesus Say There's No Marriage in Heaven?

Didn’t Jesus say that marriages don’t exist in heaven? Here's a short video explaining the New Christian perspective on the topic.