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Being Human

Are people fundamentally good? Or fundamentally evil? Or a mixture? Are we spiritual beings? Or just "random collocations of molecules"? How do we work?

What's Good?

Becoming a "good" person is a process. You invite the Lord into your life and trying to live according to His will instead of your own selfish will.

Internal and External

To say that each of us has an internal “self” and an external “self” is not particularly revolutionary. We all have a natural sense that our thoughts and feelings are “inside” us and our bodies and actions are on the “outside” of us.

Will and Understanding

As human beings, we get stuck all the time in conflicts between what we want and what we know. We want to eat that extra piece of pie, but we know over-eating is bad for us.....

Freedom or Free will

Freedom -- what is it really?


Rationality is the ability of the intellect to understand what is true and good (and the opposite, what is false and evil).

Hereditary Evils

Through our ancestry we receive tendencies towards evil, as well as good traits. Those evils don't become "our own" unless we make them into habits, and justify them. If we fight them, and shun them, they get pushed to the peripheries of our minds.


In New Christian thought, femininity and masculinity in human beings represent the eternal marriage between Divine Love and Divine Wisdom in God. It can be an amazing, wonderful union.