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It would be awfully nice to "know" that you're saved. A lot of Christians believe that you're saved if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior -- and in a sense that's true. If you REALLY accept Jesus Christ, and you live the way he told us to - shunning evils, loving the Lord, and loving the neighbor - then you're opening yourself to receive his love.

Covenant, Reciprocation, and Conjunction

Covenant, Reciprocation, and Conjunction are three parts of the process of our spiritual rebirth.

What the Bible says about... Who Is Saved?

The Bible states clearly that salvation depends on the way we live, not just on what we say we believe. Jesus said, "Not every one who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven." (Matthew 7:21)

Being born again?

Beginning a new life is, in some ways, the ONE spiritual topic that people have to get right.


The "as-of-self" is a key doctrinal concept in New Christian theology.

Divine Love and Wisdom

Divine love wants to work, to flow, to create happiness. How does it do it? Through divine wisdom.

Why Christianity?

What happened with the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth? Was he the Messiah, the Christ, whose coming was prophesied many times in the Old Testament?


How does God run the universe?


The Lord can see how the mind of a person is tending, towards evil or towards good. When the tendency is towards evil, the Lord will provide circumstances which allow the person to recognize this, and to bend away from that course on his or her own, with spiritual freedom preserved.


Why does the Lord permit bad things to happen? That's the topic of this article.

Esse and Existere - Latin words for important concepts

These two Latin words mean “to be” and “to exist”. Swedenborg translators sometimes leave them in Latin, but they have also been translated as “being” and “manifestation”. We can sort of think of esse and existere separately, but they go together.

Divine Love

Divine Love, the actual being and essence of the Lord, is pure spiritual energy, and the fundamental substance of reality.

Divine Wisdom

For the Lord this “mental area” is time and space itself, even reality itself, where love can be constantly channeled into forms that draw us toward heaven.


The term “enlightenment”, as used in New Christian teaching, means an ordering and cross-linking of truths in our minds by the Lord, so that we understand them more clearly and deeply than before.


"Wisdom is nothing more than the image of love.” The image of love? What does that mean?


Knowledge is important. If you want to make spiritual headway, you need spiritual knowhow. From the Word.

A Church is Not a Building

Human history can be seen as a series of 'churches', or spiritual mindsets. Not tabernacles or temples or cathedrals, but ways of understanding God, and trying to do His will.

How Providence Works

Providence is the government of the Lord's Divine love and wisdom.