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People and God through time

The human race is evolving and changing. God isn't, but our ability to receive his leading makes it look that way. The stories in the Bible describe different states of religious consciousness - or "churches", from Adam and Eve, to Noah, to Abraham, and then to the Christian church.

A Church is Not a Building

Human history can be seen as a series of 'churches', or spiritual mindsets. Not tabernacles or temples or cathedrals, but ways of understanding God, and trying to do His will.

The Five Churches

Human religious history can be seen as having had 5 main phases.

The Ancient Church

The Ancient Church -- what's that referring to?

Prophecies About Jesus

For Christians, Christmas time is one of the most sacred, most joyous celebrations of the year. What about for people who are thinking about it, but who aren't sure about the whole "reason for the season"?

Prophecies of the Lord's Advent

The Messiah. The Savior. For hundreds - maybe thousands - of years, people were waiting for the Lord to be born. Why?

The Second Coming