Nine Questions #4

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Does not the Son, by whom Jehovah is said to have created the worlds Hebrews 1 and 11, mean the same thing as the Divine Wisdom in Jeremiah 10:12; 51:15, so that the essential Wisdom or Logos of God in first principles has now become the Truth or Logos of God in ultimates?


It does follow that the Lord, that is, the Word or Divine Truth by which all things were made which were made, and by which the world was created, John 1:3, was the Divine Wisdom which together with the Divine Love constitutes one Divine Essence, thus one and the same God; for the Divine Wisdom is also the Divine Truth, since all the parts of Wisdom are truths. Being their very containant, Wisdom brings forth nothing but truths, and so this is entirely in keeping with Jeremiah 10:12; 2:15. This is also how the passage in David, Psalms 33:6, should be understood. The 'breath of His mouth' is also wisdom, and 'the Word' there is Divine Love and Divine Wisdom together, for it is said, 'And the Word was God', John 1:1.

(Referenties: 1 John 1:1; Hebrews 1:2, 11:3; John 1:10)

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