Deuteronomio 15:15



15 E ricordati che tu sei stato servo nel paese di Egitto, e che il Signore Iddio tuo te n’ha riscosso; perciò io ti comando oggi questo.

Commentaar op dit vers  

By Alexander Payne

Verse 15. It shall be ever present in the thought of the spiritual man that the spiritual principle itself was in a state of bondage in the unregenerate condition, and was brought out thence by the Divine Love and Wisdom; and therefore this command is given by the Lord in your regenerate state.

    Bestudeer de innerlijke betekenis

To many Protestant and Evangelical Italians, the Bibles translated by Giovanni Diodati are an important part of their history. Diodati’s first Italian Bible edition was printed in 1607, and his second in 1641. He died in 1649. Throughout the 1800s two editions of Diodati’s text were printed by the British Foreign Bible Society. This is the more recent 1894 edition, translated by Claudiana.