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属天的奥秘 #4229

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4229. 第32


我们从第三卷(系指拉丁文的第3卷)开始解释主在马太福音 24章关于最后审判的预言. 这些解释被放在了那一卷最后几章的开头部分,目前已解释到31节(参看3353-3356, 3486-3489, 3650-3655, 3897-3901, 4056-4060节).









祂要差遣祂的使者,用号筒的大声,将祂的选民从四风,从天这边到天那边,都招聚了来. (马太福音 24:31)


(References: 天国的秘密4056)

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True Christian Religion #757

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757. II. The present time is the final period of the Christian church foretold and described by the Lord in the Gospels and Revelation.

The previous section showed that the ending of 'he age means the final period of the church. From this it is plain what is meant by the ending of the age which the Lord spoke of in the Gospels (Matt. chapter 24; Mark chapter 13; Luke chapter 21). For we read:

When Jesus was seated on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to him privately saying, What is the sign of your coming and the ending of the age? Matthew 24:3.

Then the Lord began to foretell and describe the ending which was to take place by stages up to His coming, and how He would come in the clouds of heaven with power and glory, and gather together His chosen people, and much more besides (verses 30-31); and none of these things happened when Jerusalem was destroyed. These descriptions were made by the Lord in a prophetic style, in which each and every phrase is a weighty matter. Their meaning has been explained in detail in ARCANA CAELESTIA (3353-3356, 3486-3489, 3650-3655, 3751-3757, 3897-3901, 4056-4060, 4229-4231, 4332-4335, 4422-4424).

(References: Arcana Coelestia 3353-3356, 3486-3489, 3650-3655, 3751-3757, 3897-3901, 4056, 4229-4231, 4332-4335, 4422-4424; Luke 21:1; Mark 13:1; Matthew 24:1, 24:30-31)

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