Why Did Jesus Come to Earth as a Baby?      

By Curtis Childs

This painting by Richard Cook  of the newborn baby Jesus, with Mary and Joseph, evokes the spiritual power of this long-awaited advent.

Could there be reasons for the humble, vulnerable beginnings of Jesus’s life?

In this video from his Swedenborg and Life web series, host Curtis Childs and featured guests explore how the Divine design may have been at play from the very beginning of Christ's life.

(References: Luke 2:8-12; The Apocalypse Explained 706 [12]; The Word 7; True Christian Religion 89, 90, 96, 766)

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From Swedenborg's Works


True Christian Religion #766

True Christian Religion (Chadwick translation)      

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766. 1 The Lord is present with every person, urging and pressing him to receive Him. And when a person receives Him, which happens when he acknowledges Him as his God, the Creator, Redeemer and Saviour, this is His first coming, and is called twilight. From this time the person begins to have his understanding enlightened as regards spiritual matters, and to advance to more and more inward wisdom. As he receives this wisdom from the Lord, so he advances through morning into day; and he continues in this daylight up to old age and until he dies. After death he comes into heaven to the Lord Himself, and there, for all that he died an old man, he is brought back to the morning of his life, and continues for ever to develop the wisdom which was implanted in him in the natural world.


1. There is no 765 in the original.


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