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Obadias 1

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1 Visio Abdiæ. Hæc dicit Dominus Deus ad Edom : Auditum audivimus a Domino, et legatum ad gentes misit : surgite, et consurgamus adversus eum in prælium.

2 Ecce parvulum dedi te in gentibus : contemptibilis tu es valde.

3 Superbia cordis tui extulit te, habitantem in scissuris petrarum, exaltantem solium tuum ; qui dicis in corde tuo : Quis detrahet me in terram ?

4 Si exaltatus fueris ut aquila, et si inter sidera posueris nidum tuum, inde detraham te, dicit Dominus.

5 Si fures introissent ad te, si latrones per noctem, quomodo conticuisses ? nonne furati essent sufficientia sibi ? Si vindemiatores introissent ad te, numquid saltem racemum reliquissent tibi ?

6 Quomodo scrutati sunt Esau ; investigaverunt abscondita ejus ?

7 Usque ad terminum emiserunt te : omnes viri fœderis tui illuserunt tibi : invaluerunt adversum te viri pacis tuæ, qui comedunt tecum, ponent insidias subter te ; non est prudentia in eo.

8 Numquid non in die illa, dicit Dominus, perdam sapientes de Idumæa, et prudentiam de monte Esau ?

9 Et timebunt fortes tui a meridie, ut intereat vir de monte Esau.

10 Propter interfectionem, et propter iniquitatem in fratrem tuum Jacob, operiet te confusio, et peribis in æternum.

11 In die cum stares adversus eum, quando capiebant alieni exercitum ejus, et extranei ingrediebantur portas ejus, et super Jerusalem mittebant sortem, tu quoque eras quasi unus ex eis.

12 Et non despicies in die fratris tui, in die peregrinationis ejus : et non lætaberis super filios Juda in die perditionis eorum : et non magnificabis os tuum in die angustiæ.

13 Neque ingriederis portam populi mei in die ruinæ eorum ; neque despicies et tu in malis ejus in die vastitatis illius. Et non emitteris adversus exercitum ejus in die vastitatis illius,

14 neque stabis in exitibus ut interficias eos qui fugerint, et non concludes reliquos ejus in die tribulationis.

15 Quoniam juxta est dies Domini super omnes gentes : sicut fecisti, fiet tibi ; retributionem tuam convertet in caput tuum.

16 Quomodo enim bibistis super montem sanctum meum, bibent omnes gentes jugiter : et bibent, et absorbebunt, et erunt quasi non sint.

17 Et in monte Sion erit salvatio, et erit sanctus ; et possidebit domus Jacob eos qui se possederant.

18 Et erit domus Jacob ignis, et domus Joseph flamma, et domus Esau stipula : et succendentur in eis, et devorabunt eos, et non erunt reliquiæ domus Esau, quia Dominus locutus est.

19 Et hæreditabunt hi, qui ad austrum sunt, montem Esau, et qui in campestribus, Philisthiim : et possidebunt regionem Ephraim et regionem Samariæ, et Benjamin possidebit Galaad.

20 Et transmigratio exercitus hujus filiorum Israël, omnia loca Chananæorum usque ad Sareptam : et transmigratio Jerusalem, quæ in Bosphoro est, possidebit civitates austri.

21 Et ascendent salvatores in montem Sion judicare montem Esau, et erit Domino regnum.

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Exploring the Meaning of Obadiah 1      

By Joe David

In Obadiah 1, the sole chapter in this book, there's a prophecy of destruction for Edom. The people of the land of Edom -- the Edomites -- were descendants of Esau, so they were cousins and neighbors of the Jewish people.

In Swedenborg's sketch of the internal sense of this part of the Word, (The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms 213), we find this:

- Edom represents people who are in self-intelligence and who pervert the sense of the letter of the word.
- In Obadiah 1:1-3, They must be combated, because they believe themselves to be more intelligent than others.
- In 1:4-5, They defend falsities by natural light, but they will perish, and with them, the falsities themselves.
- In 1:6, They have pride.
- In 1:7, They have no truths.
- In 1:8-9, They will perish on the day of judgment, because they have oppressed the church.
- In 1:10-14, They destroy the church still further, and this is their delight.
- In 1:15-16, Destruction will come upon them on the day of judgment.
- In 1:17, A new church will come into existence.
- In 1:18, in place of the former church, which is condemned.
- In 1:19-21, The new church will be in the understanding of truth, and those that are in it will be saved.

This story was written around 2600 years ago. There were people alive then who were impressed with their own intelligence. They didn't respect the Word's inner meaning, and twisted its literal meaning. In Obadiah 1:10, we see them even taking delight in destroying true ideas.

Today, maybe it's easier than ever to be impressed by our own intelligence, because we can do so much. We're putting vehicles on Mars, and making robots that can do back flips. But how should we regard the Word? We need to look at its deep meaning, to really understand spiritual truths -- so that we have the fundamental spiritual wisdom to hold and harness our intelligence -- and to be part of the Lord's church, where we're open to receiving his good and truth, and living by it.

From Swedenborg's Works

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Word/Phrase Explanations

As with many common verbs, the meaning of “to say” in the Bible is highly dependent on context. Who is speaking? Who is hearing? What...

The Lord, in the simplest terms, is love itself expressed as wisdom itself. In philosophic terms, love is the Lord's substance and wisdom is His...

'Edom' or 'Idumea,' as in Isaiah 34:5, signifies those who are in evil and in falsities thence derived.

'The time of the heathen,' as mentioned in Ezekiel 30:3, signifies the heathen, or wickedness.

'Nations' signify people who are in the good of love and charity from the Lord. Two nations in the womb,' as in Genesis 25:23, signify...

"Earth" in the Bible can mean a person or a group of like-minded people as in a church. But it refers specifically to the external...

Eagle wings, referred to in Daniel 7:3, signify rational principles grounded in man's proprium.

posueris nidum tuum
To make a nest,' as in Jeremiah 48:28, when related to a bird, signifies the same thing as 'to dwell,' which is fulfilling the duties...

The sun in the Bible represents the Lord, with its heat representing His love and its light representing His wisdom. “Daytime,” then, represents a state...

Esau (Gen. 28:5, etc.) signifies the truth of good in the natural principle. Esau (Gen. 32:3) signifies celestial good in the natural principle.

Generally speaking things that are seen as lower physically in the Bible represent things that are lower or more external spiritually. In some cases this...

The relationship between men and women is deep and nuanced, and one entire book of the Writings – Conjugial Love or Love in Marriage –...

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In most cases, "mouth" in the Bible represents thought and logic, especially the kind of active, concrete thought that is connected with speech. The reason...

City of Judah,' as in Isaiah 40:9, signifies the doctrine of love towards the Lord and love towards our neighbor in its whole extent.

The expression 'even to this day' or 'today' sometimes appears in the Word, as in Genesis 19:37-38, 22:14, 26:33, 32:32, 35:20, and 47:26. In a...

The head is the part of us that is highest, which means in a representative sense that it is what is closest to the Lord....

'Sanctuary' signifies the truth of heaven and the church. 'Sanctuary,' as in Ezekiel 24:21, signifies the Word.

'Inflame' refers to a person's kindling lust.

locutus est
Like "say," the word "speak" refers to thoughts and feelings moving from our more internal spiritual levels to our more external ones – and ultimately...

Ephraim was the second son born to Joseph in Egypt and was, along with his older brother Manasseh, elevated by Jacob to the same status...

'Samaria,' as in Amos 4:1. 6:1, signifies the spiritual church perverted.

Also, Benjamin signifies the Word in its ultimate sense (Deut. 33:12)

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Micham 7:14

Latin: Vulgata Clementina         

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14 Pasce populum tuum in virga tua, gregem hæreditatis tuæ, habitantes solos, in saltu, in medio Carmeli. Pascentur Basan et Galaad juxta dies antiquos.

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From Swedenborg's Works

Main explanations:

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Other references to this verse:

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References from Swedenborg's unpublished works:

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Word/Phrase Explanations

'Middle' denotes what is primary, principal, or inmost.

Carmel (Isa. 16:10) signifies the good of the church. Carmel also signifies the celestial church. (Isa. 35:2.)

The expression 'even to this day' or 'today' sometimes appears in the Word, as in Genesis 19:37-38, 22:14, 26:33, 32:32, 35:20, and 47:26. In a...