Introduction: What are these spiritual topics about?

Po New Christian Bible Study Staff
After, a photo of a bulb pushing up through the earth, by Brita Conroy

Sometimes, when we study the Bible, we need to take a step back and think about how all the concepts and stories fit together. We need a vocabulary for spiritual thinking, and an approach that digs into spiritual topics. This "Spiritual Topics" section of the site is where we try to help do that - working through the ideas that make up the New Christian faith.

The topics in this section are listed in a sort of order, so you can browse through them, but you can jump around, too. Many of them have crosslinks to the Word and to other resources.

The New Christian theology that underlies these topical "takes" is based on Emanuel Swedenborg's works from the 1700s. In some ways, that's a long time ago. Swedenborg was writing with quill pens in Latin, and travelling from Sweden by sailing ships to London and Amsterdam. That said, the New Christianity that he outlined was remarkably modern. Swedenborg didn't start a church, but his works were very influential. Some of the people who read them went on to become very influential in their own right. They became leaders in movements - among other things - to end slavery, to encourage more rights for women, to provide better education for children, and to seek common ground among religions.

If you get into exploring the works of Swedenborg and you're unfamiliar with some of the terms he uses, many of those are explained in this section. In effect, this topics hub serves as a sort of glossary, too.

We hope you enjoy exploring these topics!