Vera Christiana Religio

Hic est textus originalis: Vera Christiana Religio, ab Swedenborg, Emanuel.


True Christian Religion is a forceful work of systematic theology offering a thorough treatment of the fundamental doctrines of the New Church including the Lord, the Ten Commandments, Faith, Charity, Repentance, Reformation, Regeneration, Holy Supper, Baptism, and the Second Coming. It was published in 1770 and constitutes a summing up and tying together of many of the key elements of new Christian thought.

De hac translatione:

Hoc opus fundamentalia doctrinae Novae Ecclesiae describit: de Domino, Decalogis Praeceptis, Fide, Charitate, Poenitente, Reformatione, Regeneratione, et alisque.

Factum vel convertatum a(b): Swedenborg, Emanuel

Dies creationis: 1771

Potestas: Public domain


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