Explanation of Deuteronomy 13:16

Hic est textus originalis: Explanation of Deuteronomy 13:16, ab Alexander Payne.


Explanation of Deuteronomy 13:16

Factum vel convertatum a(b): Alexander Payne

Dies creationis: 1881

Prolatio: Many thanks to Dr. Ian Thompson, www.biblemeanings.info, for permission to use the scanned text of this work. The work is entitled: "A STUDY OF THE INTERNAL OR SPIRITUAL SENSE OF THE FIFTH BOOK OF MOSES CALLED DEUTERONOMY." The author was Alexander Payne.

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Potestas: Used with permission - Conditiones manifestae:

De: Published by James Speirs, 36 Bloomsbury Street, London, 1881. The text has been parsed into separate chapter and verse explanations to facilitate easy cross-referencing by Bible readers.

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Explanation of Deuteronomy 13:16. Retrieved from: newchristianbiblestudy.org