1 Kings 18:24



24 και βοατε εν ονοματι θεων υμων και εγω επικαλεσομαι εν ονοματι κυριου του θεου μου και εσται ο θεος ος εαν επακουση εν πυρι ουτος θεος και απεκριθησαν πας ο λαος και ειπον καλον το ρημα ο ελαλησας

Commentarius in hunc versum  

By Henry MacLagan

Verse 24. Moreover the wicked, in the process of judgment, offer their worship through the falsities of their evils; while the good worship the Lord by means of Divine Truths; but that alone is true worship, into which Divine Love can flow, and with which it can be in harmony; and this is acknowledged in the church from common perception.