1 Kings 18:22



22 και ειπεν ηλιου προς τον λαον εγω υπολελειμμαι προφητης του κυριου μονωτατος και οι προφηται του βααλ τετρακοσιοι και πεντηκοντα ανδρες και οι προφηται του αλσους τετρακοσιοι

Commentarius in hunc versum  

By Henry MacLagan

Verse 22. But it is the dictate of Divine Truth, united to Divine Good, and thus of the Human made Divine, or of the Divine Human, that it is one, and the origin of all truth from good, although rejected in the church; while falsities from evil have totally vastated the church, being so abundant as to leave little remains.