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เอเสเคียล 44:13

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13 อย่าให้เขาทั้งหลายเข้ามาใกล้เรา เพื่อจะรับใช้เราในตำแหน่งปุโรหิต หรือเข้ามาใกล้สิ่งบริสุทธิ์ใดๆของเราในที่บริสุทธิ์ที่สุดนั้น แต่เขาต้องทนรับความอับอายขายหน้า และการอันน่าสะอิดสะเอียนทั้งหลายซึ่งเขาได้กระทำนั้น

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The Inner Meaning of the Prophets and Psalms 167

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เบอร์ 18:3

เยเรมีย์ 3:25

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'Nigh' denotes truth in affinity with good.

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เลวีนิติ 10:9

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9 "เมื่อตัวเจ้าหรือบุตรชายของเจ้าจะเข้าไปในพลับพลาแห่งชุมนุม อย่าดื่มเหล้าองุ่นหรือสุราเกลือกว่าเจ้าจะต้องตาย ทั้งนี้ให้เป็นกฎเกณฑ์ถาวรอยู่ตลอดชั่วอายุของเจ้า

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Explanation of Leviticus 10      

By Henry MacLagan

Verses 1-7. Those who are in doctrine without a good life profane their worship by the lusts of selfish love, and are consequently vastated; but the good are instructed that worship ought to be internal as well as external; that external worship merely ought to be removed; and that with them the two should not be separated, lest profanation occur

Verses 8-11. The celestial man is instructed that worship must be from good, and not from truth, that a distinction may be made between true worship and false, and that the celestial may flow in with the spiritual, in order that the latter may receive instruction in Divine Truths

Verses 12-15. Concerning the appropriation of good with the celestial and spiritual man, and how it is connected with perception on the part of the former and acknowledgement on the part of the latter that all life is from the Lord

Verses 16-20. Further instruction as to the non-appropriation of good in profane worship, in consequence of there being no conjunction with the Lord by the good of innocence, and therefore no deliverance from evil.

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Arcana Coelestia 1072

스웨덴보그의 미출간 작품들 참조:

Apocalypse Explained 376

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พระธรรม 27:21

เลวีนิติ 3:17

เบอร์ 6:3

อิสยาห์ 28:7

เอเสเคียล 44:21

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'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

'A son,' as in Genesis 5:28, signifies the rise of a new church. 'Son,' as in Genesis 24:3, signifies the Lord’s rationality regarding good. 'A...

To be drunken without wine (Isa. 29:9), are they who are unconcerned about the Word, and the truths of faith, and thus have no inclination...

Dead (Gen. 23:8) signifies night, in respect to the goodnesses and truths of faith.

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 Nadab and Abihu
A New Church Bible story explanation for teaching Sunday school. Includes lesson materials for Primary (3-8 years), Junior (9-11 years), Intermediate (12-14 years), Senior (15-17 years) and Adults.
Teaching Support | Ages over 3

 Nadab and Abihu
Worship Talk | Ages 7 - 14

 Nadab and Abihu
Spiritual tasks offer a reflection on a Biblical story and suggest a task for spiritual growth.
Activity | Ages over 18

 Prayers Like Incense
In a spiritual sense, each of us has a tabernacle within us and a holy place in which to burn incense to the Lord.
Worship Talk | Ages 7 - 14

 Tabernacle of the Lord
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Religion Lesson | Ages 4 - 17



089 From East to West: How the Second Coming Unfolds      

By Jonathan Rose

This video is a part of the Spirit and Life Bible Study series, whose purpose is to look at the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible through a Swedenborgian lens.

Title: From East to West: How the Second Coming Unfolds

Topic: Second Coming

Summary: We look at the striking statement in Matthew 24:27 that the Second Coming will take place like lightning coming from the east and flashing to the west. What other clues does the Bible contain to what this might mean?

Use the reference links below to follow along in the Bible as you watch.

Matthew 24:1, 27
Luke 17:20-30
Exodus 19:16; 20:18
2 Samuel 22:10-16
Matthew 28:2
Revelation 11:19
Numbers 3:23
Leviticus 16
Matthew 21:1
Luke 19:37
Numbers 34:6
Isaiah 9:2
Malachi 3:1; 4:1
Zechariah 14:1
Ezekiel 10:18; 11:22; 43; 44; 46; 48
Matthew 24:26-27
Hebrews 4:12
Luke 2:34-35

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Spirit and Life Bible Study broadcast from 5/2/2012. The complete series is available at: