Nine Questions (Rose translation)

다음의 번역 텍스트입니다: Quaestiones Novem by Emanuel Swedenborg

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다음과 같이 번역됨 English by Donald L. Rose


In this essay Swedenborg answers questions from a reader in England named Thomas Hartley.

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In this essay Swedenborg answers nine questions from Thomas Hartley, a reader in England.

제작 및 번역: Donald L. Rose

날짜: 1975

크레딧: Thanks to the Swedenborg Society for the permission to use this translation.

저작권: Swedenborg Society

Copyright Swedenborg Society. All rights reserved.

라이센스: Used with permission - 이용약관 참조


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출판: 1975 에서 London, England 출판사 Swedenborg Society 일부로 'Small Theological Works and Letters

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Nine Questions. [Written in 1771, not published by the author.] Translated by Donald L. Rose. London, England: Swedenborg Society, 1975. Retrieved from: