Arcana Coelestia (Potts translation)

다음의 번역 텍스트입니다: Arcana Coelestia by Emanuel Swedenborg

다음과 같이 번역됨 English by John F. Potts


This work is a detailed exposition of the inner meaning of the books of Genesis and Exodus. It provides chapter overviews and then drills down to verse level and even word/phrase level explanations.

제작 및 번역: John F. Potts

날짜: 1965-1970

크레딧: Thanks to the Swedenborg Foundation for the permission to use this translation.

저작권: Swedenborg Foundation

Copyright 1965-1970 Swedenborg Foundation.

라이센스: Used with permission - 이용약관 참조


공개 자료:

출판: 1965-1970 에서 New York, NY, USA 출판사 Swedenborg Foundation

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Arcana Coelestia. Translated by John F. Potts. New York, NY, USA: Swedenborg Foundation, 1965-1970. Retrieved from: