Deuteronomio 15:6



6 Quando il Signore Iddio tuo ti avrà benedetto, siccome egli ti ha promesso, tu presterai a molte genti, e tu non prenderai nulla in prestanza; e signoreggerai sopra grandi nazioni, ed esse non signoreggeranno sopra te.

이 구절에 대한 주석  

By Alexander Payne

Verse 6. For the Divine Goodness and Wisdom enrich the soul, according to the promises in the Word; and the spiritual man shall impart truth in abundance to the faculties of the soul, but shall not derive its wisdom from them; and it shall rule the truths and affections of the natural man, but they shall not dominate over the spiritual man.

To many Protestant and Evangelical Italians, the Bibles translated by Giovanni Diodati are an important part of their history. Diodati’s first Italian Bible edition was printed in 1607, and his second in 1641. He died in 1649. Throughout the 1800s two editions of Diodati’s text were printed by the British Foreign Bible Society. This is the more recent 1894 edition, translated by Claudiana.