뉴 크리스찬 바이블 스터디 프로젝트에 대하여

뉴 크리스찬 바이블 스터디 프로젝트는 새교회의 피츠버그 학회 후원하에 시작되었고 비영리단체인 the New Christian Bible Study Corp.에 의해 운영되어져오고 있습니다. 성경의 문자적 의미뿐만아니라,내적,영적인 의미에 관심이 있는 모든 분들을 위한 온라인 장소인 것입니다. 신학적 토대는 1700년대의 엠마누엘 스웨덴보그의 신학적 업적을 기반으로 합니다.

스웨덴보그는는 창세기, 출애굽기, 요한 계시록, 세상의 종말에 대한 자세한 내용을 책으로 발표했습니다. 그는 또한 시편의 내적 의미 및 선지자들,그리고 성경 구절들도 광범히하게 설명했습니다.

스웨덴보그는 원래 라틴어로 책을 썼으나, 지금은 많은 언어들로 번역되어있고 우리는 전세계의 독자들을 이 곳에 모으고자하는 바램입니다. 지금까지의 주요 데이터베이스에는 현존하는 새 예루살렘과 하나님 교리의 원어인 라틴어, 영어번역, 스웨덴어번역, 노르웨이어 번역을 소장하고 있습니다.

갑판 페이지에 pdf 형식의 12가지 다른 언어들로 번역된 저서들이 있습니다. 그것들을 여기 메인 데이터베이스로 가져오는 것도 준비 중이지만 지금은 온라인에서도 찾아보실 수있습니다.

또한 주요 언어로 된 성경 번역을 수집 정리하였고, 독자들이 하나님의 말씀을 연구하는데 사용하기 편하고 쉬운 곳이 되도록 설명 내용이 상호 링크가 되도록 해놓았습니다.

프로젝트의 중요한 부분 중 하나는 현대 독자들을 위해 성경 이야기, 구절, 단어에 설명을 추가하였고, 개념을 설명하는데 도움이 될만한 동영상과 예술 작품들을 더해가고 있습니다.

이 사이트가 여러분의 영적 여정에 많은 도움이 될 수 있기를 소망해 봅니다.

페이스북 구글플러스 유투브
Shareable short clips from the Swedenborg and Life web series

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Linking up "The Word" May 22, 2018:

We just round-tripped Dr. John Chadwick's English translation of "De Verbo", or "The Word", a small work that Swedenborg left unpublished. It's particularly interesting for its description of the Ancient Word, which pre-existed the Old and New Testaments. Here's a link to this work: "De Verbo".

Linking up "Miracles and Signs" May 15, 2018:

We finished round-tripping Johnson's English translation of "Miracles and Signs", a small work that Swedenborg left unpublished. Here's a link to it: "Miracles and Signs".

TCR in Dutch Apr. 13, 2018:

Courtesy of our friends at Swedenborg Boekhuis in the Netherlands, and some hard work by our team, here's a linked-up translation of Swedenborg's capstone work, "Ware Christelijke Religie".

Pathways! Apr. 12, 2018:

We're now offering pathways -- ways that people can explore particular areas of interest, and easily find true ideas that they can use in their lives. Here's a link to the main pathways page.

More Growth! Mar. 23, 2018:

We're seeing more than 183,000 visits/month now, which is around 2.2 million per year, almost double last year's pace.

New Bible Study Classes Mar. 12, 2018:

We just imported the latest episodes of Jonathan Rose's Spirit and Life bible study series. Here's a link to part 1 of his new 7-part series, "A Way Forward."

Russian User Interface! Jan. 22, 2018:

We just added a Russian UI to the site, thanks to generous translation help from friends of the project in Ukraine - newchristianbiblestudy.org/ru.

Text-to-Speech Functionality Jan. 10, 2018:

We just added a "read-aloud" function to the site, to help with handicapped accessibility (and with multi-tasking). Look for the little speaker icon near the content titles on each page - click to play, click again to stop.

Georgian UI Dec. 19, 2017:

We just added a new user interface in Georgian (as in the Republic of Georgia). Christianity there dates back at least to the early 4th century, and now a New Christian group is thriving there.

New explanations from Australia Dec. 13, 2017:

We've been pleased to get a nice set of brief explanations of spiritual topics and doctrinal terms, from Rev. Julian Duckworth. You'll find more than 160 of them from our "spiritual topics" hub page. Here's a link to one example entry on "Wars".

More Bible Study Classes Dec. 5, 2017:

We added 87 more of the Spirit and Life Bible Study Classes by Jonathan Rose. This brings our total to 268. There are some really good titles here, e.g. "What to Think and Do During Temptations", and "What to Do about a Falling Star Problem".

Better Searching Dec. 4, 2017:

We've been deploying some more improvements to our search functionality. Excerpts in search results get you to the right neighborhood quickly. Highlighting in search results is better. Navigation between results is easier. The hit counter is more intuitive. You can show all results, if the first 500 aren't enough. Lots of nice new touches to make your searching faster and easier.

Bible Study Talks Nov. 10, 2017:

We just imported 180 of Jonathan Rose's Bible Study classes. These are interesting, in-depth talks with reference links to the Bible, making it easy for you to follow along as you watch the videos. We link from the Bible text to these talks, where relevant references are made. The whole series can also be found here. Many thanks to Jonathan and his team for the permission to use these!

More Search Updates Oct. 24, 2017:

We're making search easier (and more powerful, too but that's another blog post...). If you're reading the Word, in, say, the American Standard translation, and you want to search for a word or phrase in that same translation, there's now a quick search box just above the Next/Previous navigation. Same goes for Swedenborg's works, and for explanations.

Traffic is up! Oct. 23, 2017:

We just topped 140,000 visits for the last 30 days - a new record for us, and a 100% year on year growth rate.

Improved Site Speed Oct. 19, 2017:

Page load times have been cut from a tedious 1.5 seconds in August, to 0.6 seconds in October. We did a bunch of work to optimize data retrieval, and... it's working!

Search Function - Updates! Oct. 6, 2017:

We have been rolling out some search function updates, improving speed, and providing more search and navigation options. The quicksearch function from the main toolbar is back. You might need to clear your browsing history, or close and re-open your browser, if search results aren't showing at first.

No Other Gods Oct. 3, 2017:

Here's another new story explanation from the Swedenborg Foundation, this time about the first commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods...".

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Oc. 2, 2017:

We just posted a new story explanation, on the famed, and feared, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Here's a link to the story..

True Christian Religion, in Chinese September 15, 2017:

We just posted a Chinese translation of the second half of True Christian Religion. Here's a link to section 1.

Heaven and Hell in Italian Sept. 12, 2017:

We just imported an Italian translation of Heaven and Hell done in 2012 by Fondazione Swedenborg in Italy. Here's a link to section 1 of Cielo e inferno.

Czech User Interface Sept. 11, 2017:

For our Czech-speaking friends..., there's now a Czech user interface on the site! With a Czech UI, the Czech Bible, and 10 of Swedenborg's works translated into Czech, it's a good place to be. newchristianbiblestudy.org/cs

Conjugial Love in Italian Sept. 8, 2017:

Here's a just-added Italian translation of one of Swedenborg's works: L’Amore Coniugale.

Heaven and Hell in German and Swedish Sept. 7, 2017:

We've just posted two more translations of Heaven and Hell, one in German, and one in Swedish:
- Himmel und Hölle
- Om Himlen och Helvetet

"Writings for Everyone" Aug. 29, 2017:

We're just wrapping up a highly successful translation-importing summer work session. With help from 5 high school and college students, other volunteers, and our core team, we imported 51 more translations of books of the Writings, bringing the total to 233. We're now offering Swedenborg's works online, linked to the Word and to each other, in 17 languages, which are spoken by more than 3.7 billion people.

Summer Import Blitz Aug. 14, 2017:

Over the last three weeks we have imported over 30 new translations of Emanuel Swedenborg's works. We have covered many different works, in a variety of languages, including: Russian, German, Dutch, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Georgian. Read more about our progress here.

Good News of the Day July 19, 2017:

1. We just imported a Chinese translation of Conjugial Love. That brings the count of Chinese translations to 5! Only 13 more to go.

2. We've had over 1 million visits to the website in the past 12 months! If website traffic continues to grow at the same rate, we'll see 2 million visits in the next 12 months.

Traffic Jump June 30, 2017:

We just topped the 110,000 visits/month threshold. How 'bout that?

The Lord June 27, 2017:

We just imported a New Century Edition translation of one of Swedenborg's works, entitled "The Lord".

"Doctrine of the Lord" in Korean June 26, 2017:

We just imported a Korean translation of Doctrine of the Lord. Take a look!

See more project news.