Deuteronomy 8:1



1 πας-A1S-APF ο- A--APF εντολη-N1A-APF ος- --APF εγω- P--NS εντελλομαι-V1--PMI1S συ- P--DP σημερον-D φυλασσω-VF--FMI2P ποιεω-V2--PAN ινα-C ζαω-V3--PAS2P και-C πολυπλασιαζω-VS--APS2P και-C ειςερχομαι-VB--AAS2P και-C κληρονομεω-VA--AAS2P ο- A--ASF γη-N1--ASF ος- --ASF κυριος-N2--NSM ο- A--NSM θεος-N2--NSM συ- P--GP ομνυμι-VAI-AAI3S ο- A--DPM πατηρ-N3--DPM συ- P--GP

კომენტარი ამ ლექსზე  

By Alexander Payne

Verse 1. All that the regenerate perceive to be the Lord's will in every state must be most carefully observed and carried out in the life, that they may acquire spiritual life, and that what is from heaven in them may be increased, and that they may advance towards interior things and possess those heavenly states which are promised in the Word to those who receive genuine good.