Deuteronomium 17:8



8 Bylo-li by při soudu něco nesnadného, mezi krví a krví, mezi pří a pří, mezi ranou a ranou, v jakékoli rozepři v branách tvých, tedy vstana, půjdeš k místu, kteréž by vyvolil Hospodin Bůh tvůj,

კომენტარი ამ ლექსზე  

By Alexander Payne

Verse 8. If there arise in the soul a matter too hard for the perceptions of good that are given you to decide between what is true and what is false, or what is right or wrong, in motive or in act—matters that cannot be decided in the external part of the mind—then shall you elevate your soul to the Lord, and to the state derived from the Love and Wisdom which flows from the Lord's Divine Humanity;