Coptic: Bohairic NT

著作権/帰属: 2006. J. Warren Wells, editor.

Bohairica: The Bohairic New Testament in Standardized Form.

This version is Bohairica 1.2, from 2006.12.14. It is an edition of the New Testament in the Bohairic dialect of the Coptic language. It is based on the New Testament edition by Horner, and has been edited by J. Warren Wells.

Copyright information: Bohairica is copyright © 2006 by J. Warren Wells. All rights reserved. Sahidica, a sister edition to this one, has a license that makes it available free of charge for use in free electronic editions of the New Testament as long as the full title and copyright information are included and credited. We have been unable to contact Mr. Wells to see if the same license terms apply to this translation. On two websites, we have seen this edition listed as being in the public domain, but we don't know how authoritative that is. In the interest of supporting Bible readers who are interested in the Coptic texts, we are making this edition available online, but will either disable it on request or try to arrange a license, if one is required.