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Matthew 17:26

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26 Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free.

   Studia il significato interno

Explanation of Matthew 17      

Da Rev. John Clowes M.A.

Verses 1, 2. That after previous states of preparation and purification, they who are principled in faith, in charity, and in works of charity, are elevated into interior truths of good, and therein behold intellectually the Lord's Divine Humanity as the supreme good and supreme truth.

Verse 3. Thus as the all of the Word, both historical and prophetical.

Verse 4. Which state of interior perception affects the wills of those who are in the truths of the church, and moves them to desire the reception and accomplishment of the whole Word in themselves.

Verse 5. Accordingly, from the sense of the letter, in which they are principled, they are instructed that the Lord's Divine Humanity is the Divine Truth Itself, and the one living Source of all truth in the church.

Verses 6, 7. Which instruction causes humiliation of the interiors, and a holy dread, until elevation and confidence are effected by communication with the Divine Humanity of the Lord.

Verse 8. Who on this occasion is perceived to be the whole of the Word.

Verse 9. Howbeit this perception could not have been communicated, unless the Lord had glorified His Humanity by uniting it with the Divine.

Verses 10, 11, 12, 13. And this by temptation-combats, in which the Humanity was representative of the Word, and suffered itself to be treated as the Word itself had been treated by the church.

Verses 14, 15. When yet it is the proper Object of man's worship, and to be adored as the sole power of deliverance by such as are in evils and falsities.

Verse 16. Who cannot be delivered by any goods or truths but such as are in connection with the Divine Good and Truth of the Lord's Divine Humanity.

Verses 17, 18. To effect which connection, the Lord assumed the Humanity, and endured temptations, that thus they who desire to be delivered from evils and falsities may approach to Him, and thereby be separated from the infernal association, and restored to conjunction of life with the divine.

Verses 19, 20. For man has no power against infernal evils and falsities, but what he derives from faith in the Divine Humanity of the Lord, by virtue of which faith, if grounded in any degree of heavenly good, the infernal love of self is cast out, and man has communication with the Divine Omnipotence.

Verse 21. Nevertheless, a full deliverance cannot be effected, until the interiors are opened to heavenly influence by temptation-combats.

Verses 22, 23. Therefore the Lord endured those combats, and thus glorified His Humanity.

Verse 24 to the end. For the Divine Law requires that the Humanity shall be subject to the Divine, and the natural to the spiritual, and not vice versa.

Dalle opere di Swedenborg

Spiegazioni o riferimenti:

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Riferimenti da opere inedite di Swedenborg:

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Incorporating the New      

Da Rev. Todd Beiswenger

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There's an old saying that says, "When the student is ready the master will appear." The idea is that the student must incorporate everything they've already been taught into their life before the next master will come to teach them the next steps. We see something similar in the Word, where Jesus opens the eyes of Peter, James and John to a new spiritual reality, but now they have a difficult time trying to synthesize what they've just been taught with everything they've always believed. (note - Todd offers his apologies for an error; where he mistakenly says in this audio that the "spiritual serves the natural"... he meant to say, "natural serves the spiritual.")

(Riferimenti: Arcana Coelestia 6394; Matthew 17:14-20, 17:24-27; The Apocalypse Explained 64, 405)