Supplements on the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World #86

Da Emanuel Swedenborg

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86. Moravians in the Spiritual World

I have had many conversations with Moravians (also known as Herrnhuters). At first they were to be found in a valley not far from the Jews. After they had undergone examination and had been revealed for what they were, they were taken off to some uninhabited areas.

The examination of them revealed that they were very knowledgeable and skillful in how to captivate people’s minds, presenting themselves as a remnant of the apostolic church. For this reason they would call each other “brother” and use the term “mother” of women who were open to learning their deeper mysteries. They also said that they more than others stress faith and that they love the Lord because he suffered on the cross, calling him the Lamb and the Throne of Grace, and more in the same vein, in order to foster a belief that they are the true Christian church. People who are taken in by their smooth words are then examined by the Moravians to see whether they are the kind to whom they would dare disclose their mysteries. If those who are examined are not the right kind, the Moravians keep their mysteries to themselves; but if they find they can disclose their mysteries to them, they do so. They then give them warnings and even utter threats against any of them who would divulge their secret teachings about the Lord.

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