Supplements on the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World #83

Da Emanuel Swedenborg

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83. Quakers in the Spiritual World

There are fanatical spirits who are convinced they are divinely inspired. They are kept apart from all others and are so thickheaded that they believe they are the Holy Spirit. When Quakerism was just beginning, these spirits were drawn forth from the surrounding forests where they had been wandering. They infested many individuals [on earth], filling them with the conviction that they were being impelled by the Holy Spirit. And because those who were infested felt an inflow physically, this conviction took possession of them all to such an extent that they believed they were holier and more enlightened than other people. As a result, they could not be induced to give up their [new] religion.

People who have completely convinced themselves of this come after death into the same kind of fanaticism. They are separated from others and sent away to kindred spirits in the forests, where from a distance they look like wild boars. People who have convinced themselves less completely are first separated from others and then sent to a similar place in a wilderness in the far south, where caves serve as their places of worship.

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Thanks to the Swedenborg Foundation for their permission to use this translation.