Ponovljeni Zakon 16:8



8 Šest dana jedi presne hlebove, a sedmi dan da je praznik Gospodnji, tada ne radi ništa.

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Da Alexander Payne

Verse 8. During the periods of temptations and combats with evil you shall be sustained with pure truth from the Word unmixed with falsity; and at the close of each regenerate state the combats shall cease by the reception in the soul of the Love and Wisdom proceeding from the Lord's Humanity, and you shall carry out the Lord's will without effort; and the mind shall be at peace. [Note (verses 1-8).—For a detailed description of the meaning of the Passover see explanation of Exodus, chap. xii. in the Arcana Coelestia 7824-8020. It is there shown that by the Passover, which is ever to be kept in mind, is signified the deliverance of the spiritual man from hell by the Lord. This was effected by His continual combats with hell when in the world, even to the final combat of the Cross, by which all was finished, and His Humanity became absolute Deity, apart from which it is not possible for the human mind to form any true conception of the attributes and character of the Divine Being. To receive the good desires and the knowledge of truth which flow from this Divine Being, it is necessary to believe that He is absolute God, to do the things which He said, and to conform the life as far as possible to His example, by following Him in His combats with evil even to the death of self; and it is the doctrine of the New Church that there is no other possible way of salvation. Verses 1-8 describe the necessity of ever bearing this in mind.]