Numbers 19:10



10 και-C πλυνω-VF2-FAI3S ο- A--APN ιματιον-N2N-APN ο- A--NSM συναγω-V1--PAPNSM ο- A--ASF σποδια-N1A-ASF ο- A--GSF δαμαλις-N3I-GSF και-C ακαθαρτος-A1B-NSM ειμι-VF--FMI3S εως-P εσπερα-N1A-GSF και-C ειμι-VF--FMI3S ο- A--DPM υιος-N2--DPM *ισραηλ-N---GSM και-C ο- A--DPM προςκειμαι-V5--PMPDPM προσηλυτος-N2--DPM νομιμος-A1--ASN αιωνιος-A1B-ASN

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Da Henry MacLagan

Verse 10. For even he who is in purified truth internally is yet impure externally, and confesses this, being continually purified until the state ends. And indeed this confession is to be made alike by the man of the internal church as by the man of the external, and is perpetual with him.