Deuteronomio 15:5



5 Purchè del tutto tu ubbidisca alla voce del Signore Iddio tuo, per osservar di mettere in opera tutti questi comandamenti che io ti do oggi.

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Da Alexander Payne

Verse 5. Only let the soul carefully attend to carry out the perceptions which it has of the Divine Love and Wisdom, to observe to do all the Lord's will as perceived in its states of enlightenment.

To many Protestant and Evangelical Italians, the Bibles translated by Giovanni Diodati are an important part of their history. Diodati’s first Italian Bible edition was printed in 1607, and his second in 1641. He died in 1649. Throughout the 1800s two editions of Diodati’s text were printed by the British Foreign Bible Society. This is the more recent 1894 edition, translated by Claudiana.