2 Királyok 1:12



12 És felele Illés, és monda nékik: Ha Isten embere vagyok, szálljon tûz az égbõl alá, és emészszen meg téged és a te ötven emberedet. És Istennek tüze szálla alá az égbõl, és megemészté õt és az õ ötven emberét.

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Da Henry MacLagan

Verse 12. But it is the dictate of the Divine Word to faith alone and its combined errors, that since Divine Truth is from Divine Good, it is the expression thereof, and is therefore equally hateful to self-love and its errors, appearing to cause torment; and hence the corrupted man is totally vastated, as to the understanding, the place of truth, being in reality occupied by falsity, through consuming self-love.