Numbrid 36:1



1 Siis astusid ette gileadlaste suguvõsa perekondade peamehed - üks Joosepi poegade suguvõsadest, sest Gilead oli Manasse poja Maakiri poeg - ja nad rääkisid Moosese ja vürstide ees, kes olid Iisraeli laste perekondade peamehed,

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Da Henry MacLagan

Verse 1. But the natural man, as to his leading principles, yet in the beginning of regeneration, and who.derives his life successively from the new understanding and the new will, peculiar to the man of the Spiritual Church, who is in the celestial of the spiritual life, or in charity from faith, is in uncertainty concerning truths, and depends upon his conjunction with the leading principles of the spiritual man, which are Divine Truth from the Lord and its subordinate truths, for enlightenment.

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