Tredje Mosebog 10:6



6 Men Moses sagde til Aron og hans Sønner Eleazar og Itamar: "I må hverken lade eders Hår vokse frit eller sønderrive eders Klæder, ellers skal I og Vrede komme over hele Menigheden; lad eders Brødre, hele Israels Hus, begræde den Brand, HE EN har antændt;

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Da Henry MacLagan

Verse 6. Also it is perceived by those who are in celestial and spiritual good and truth in the church, that the removal of profane worship, which outwardly appears holy, pr the removal of mere representative worship, ought not to cause mourning either inwardly or outwardly lest the separation of the External from the Internal should take place, and aversion from the Lord should follow; but nevertheless, those in the external church, are permitted to grieve on account of the loss, apparently, of true worship.

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