1 Kings 19:15



15 και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S κυριος-N2--NSM προς-P αυτος- D--ASM πορευομαι-V1--PAD2S αναστρεφω-V1--PAD2S εις-P ο- A--ASF οδος-N2--ASF συ- P--GS και-C ηκω-VF--FAI2S εις-P ο- A--ASF οδος-N2--ASF ερημος-N2--GSF *δαμασκος-N2--GSF και-C χρινω-VF2-FAI2S ο- A--ASM *αζαηλ-N---ASM εις-P βασιλευς-N3V-ASM ο- A--GSF *συρια-N1A-GSF

Komentar ovog ajeta  

Po Henry MacLagan

Verse 15. And It is further perceived from Divine Good, that the incipient church must, as yet, remain in obscurity as to the knowledges of good; and that first the affection for those knowledges must be awakened, and become predominant: