Kempton Translation

Autorsko pravo/atribucija: 2019

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The Kempton translation includes markings; here's a brief digest of their meanings:

- Two dots, as in "little·​·child", are used to join two words that translate a single Greek or Hebrew word. Similarly, the two dots in "deliver· him ·up", mean that "deliver up" translates one word of the original language, and "him" translates another word.

- Small italics indicate words not present in the Hebrew or Greek, but inserted by the translators to make the meaning clearer in English.

- Normal sized italics indicate words not present in Hebrew or Greek, but that are inserted in Swedenborg's Latin translation of the text.

- The little marks following words show that each one translates a different Hebrew word, as in Astounded, Astounded ◦, Astounded▵, Astounded ▫.

- A superscript asterisk indicates a footnote, e.g. Magi*.

More details are contained in the "Companion Booklet" that's downloadable from the Kempton Project website.

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