Spiritual Experiences #3917

Par Emanuel Swedenborg
/ 6110  

3917. On the Memory

It was shown by experience [what happens] when spirits operate from their own memory of personal matters into a person on earth. Then one does not know otherwise than that one had experienced some matter before, as I was shown also today. It results in a recollection such as Cicero, 1 as if he had known something previously. This shows what confusion would arise if spirits operated into man from their own memory of personal matters, and not from the memory of man.

Once earlier a spirit had operated in me from his own memory of personal matters, and I then did not know differently than that I had experienced something, when I had in fact not at all. This also shows what confusion would ensue if a spirit had [use of] a memory of personal matters. 1748, 9 Nov.


1. See Tusculanae Disputationes I. xxiv. 56-9.

/ 6110  

Thanks to the Academy of the New Church, and Bryn Athyn College, for the permission to use this translation.