Deuteronomy 8:10



10 και-C εσθιω-VF--FMI2S και-C ενπιμπλημι-VS--FPI2S και-C ευλογεω-VF--FAI2S κυριος-N2--ASM ο- A--ASM θεος-N2--ASM συ- P--GS επι-P ο- A--GSF γη-N1--GSF ο- A--GSF αγαθος-A1--GSF ος- --GSF διδωμι-VAI-AAI3S συ- P--DS


Par Alexander Payne

Verse 10. When you are in the enjoyment of these things, and feel all your spiritual wants supplied, you shall bless the goodness and wisdom of the Lord for the heavenly state of soul which you have received from Him.