1 Kings 19:10



10 και-C ειπον-VBI-AAI3S *ηλιου-N---NSM ζνλοω-V4--PAPNSM ζηλοω-VXI-YAI1S ο- A--DSM κυριος-N2--DSM παντοκρατωρ-N3 -DSM οτι-C εν καταλειπω-VBI-AAI3P συ- P--AS ο- A--NPM υιος-N2--NPM *ισραηλ-N---GSM ο- A--APN θυσιαστηριον-N2N-APN συ- P--GS κατασκαπτω-VAI-AAI3P και-C ο- A--APM προφητης-N1M-APM συ- P--GS αποκτεινω-VAI-AAI3P εν-P ρομφαια-N1A-DSF και-C υπολειπω-VP--XMI1S εγω- P--NS μονος-A1--NSMS και-C ζητεω-V2--PAI3P ο- A--ASF ψυχη-N1--ASF εγω- P--GS λαμβανω-VB--AAN αυτος- D--ASF


Par Henry MacLagan

Verse 10. Whence there is perception that those who love the Word have an ardent zeal for Divine Good, from which is Divine Truth manifesting the Divine power against evil; but that this zeal is in obscurity because, in the corrupted spiritual church, conjunction with the Lord is broken, the worship of the Lord is destroyed, and the doctrine of a true faith is rejected; and because, although the Word is still acknowledged, the tendency is to deny it entirely.