Deuteronomy 21:21



21 καί-C λιθοβολέω-VF--FAI3P αὐτός- D--ASM ὁ- A--NPM ἀνήρ-N3--NPM ὁ- A--GSF πόλις-N3I-GSF αὐτός- D--GSM ἐν-P λίθος-N2--DPM καί-C ἀποθνήσκω-VF2-FMI3S καί-C ἐκαἴρω-VF2-FAI2S ὁ- A--ASM πονηρός-A1A-ASM ἐκ-P σύ- P--GP αὐτός- D--GPM καί-C ὁ- A--NPM ἐπίλοιπος-A1B-NPM ἀκούω-VA--AAPNPM φοβέω-VC--FPI3P


Par Alexander Payne

Verse 21. Then all that is really good and true in that doctrine will combine to destroy that stubborn principle in the natural mind by the plain truths of the Word, that it trouble the soul no more: thus will evil be removed from the midst of the soul; and all that is spiritual in the soul shall perceive and obey, and fear to act against the good and truth of the Church. (See also Apocalypse Explained 655.) [Note.— This passage (verses 18-21) has relation to the violation of truth, as is evident from the signification of stoning (see Arcana Coelestia 5156), and shows that one may judge of doctrines by the effect they have on the life; if they reject good influences and lead the soul to love evil or to neglect virtue, they must be destroyed; no matter how true they have been deemed, or how much they have been cherished by the soul before.]