Melachim B 22:14



14 וילך חלקיהו הכהן ואחיקם ועכבור ושפן ועשיה אל־חלדה הנביאה אשת שלם בן־תקוה בן־חרחס שמר הבגדים והיא ישבת בירושלם במשנה וידברו אליה׃


Par Henry MacLagan

Verse 14. Wherefore such inquiry by the man of the church is made with all his powers: for he approaches the Word which is the union of truth with goodness in an external form derived from interior truth giving faith, and from interior good giving charity; and which covers those interior things and protects them; for the Word is a revelation in the church and is Divine Truth from Divine Good giving enlightenment.