Deuteronomy 24:4



4 Her first husband, who had sent her away, may not take her back after she has been wife to another; for that is disgusting to the Lord: and you are not to be a cause of sin in the land which the Lord your God is giving you for your heritage.


Par Alexander Payne

Verse 4. It is not lawful for the interior understanding of truth, or perception of right and wrong which had removed that affection from it, again to take it into the interior soul after that it has been clearly perceived to be discordant, and to be defiled with evil motives; for this would be to act against the conscience, and mix good and evil in the soul, and so cause all the influx from the Lord to be averted from the soul; and would bring evil upon all the states with which the Divine Love and Wisdom desire to gift the soul, as its own. [Note.—For this would be to endeavour to serve both God and Mammon at the same time. Either the good uses which a man performs act with and are performed from his religious convictions (in which case the soul is married), or they are divorced—that is, outside the real character altogether: that this last is an imperfect state, and called hardness of heart, is evident from Matthew 19:3-12, which is explained in detail in Apocalypse Explained 710. It is there shown that in the marriages in the heavens, the understanding of truth or perception of good must be united with the affection which corresponds with it, nor can it be united with any other (see also Mark 12:25). And that a man should leave that evil and falsity which he has hereditarily from education or religion and become conjoined to the affection which corresponds to his perception, and these two will then act as a one (Matthew 19:5-6). And that this love of doing uses in accord with the perceptions of duty must never be put away unless it is seen to proceed from evil motives, and thus become an affection of evil and falsity (verse 9). In verse 12 are described those who are unwilling to be conjoined to the affection of evil, whereby the understanding of good and truth would be perverted or dissipated; and by no means contains any disapproval of natural marriage corresponding to heavenly marriage—that is to say, where the feminine affection of good corresponds exactly with the masculine perception of good. But see the detailed explanation at Apocalypse Explained 710.]