The Word Explained #0

By Emanuel Swedenborg
/ 8263  



Now for the first time translated from a phototyped copy of the original manuscript preserved in the Royal Academy of Sciences in Sweden









[Author's Unfinished Table of Contents to THE WORD EXPLAINED]

The History of Creation 1-42

The Word of the Old Testament Explained:


Genesis 1-3193

Exodus (chapters 1-36) 3194-5872

Joshua 5873-5994

Judges (chapters 1-8, 11, 13, 18-21) 5995-6076

Ruth (chapter 2:20) 6077-6078

1 Samuel (chapters 1-4, 6-19, 16-19, 25-28, 30, 31) 6079-6165

2 Samuel (chapters 1-3, 22, 23) 6166-6243

1 Kings (chapters 6-8, 10, 11, 13, 17-19) 6244-6309

2 Kings (chapters 19:21-fin., 23) 6310-6328

1 Chronicles (chapters 21, 22, 28) 6329-6333

2 Chronicles (chapters 5:10, 6, 18) 6334-6339

Leviticus 6340-6710

Numbers 6711-7462

Deuteronomy (chapters 1, 4, 14, 16-18, 20-25, 32-34) 7463-7566


Isaiah (chapters 1-35, 37-38, 40-66) 7567-8051

Jeremiah (chapters 1-32, 49-50) 8052-8263

Concerning the Messiah About to Come

General Index

Index of Scripture Passages


[This unfinished Table of Contents to The Word Explained was written by the author on the last pages of the first volume of the autograph, following no. 1713.]


That the creation of all things in the heavens and on earth, and all the things that were instituted afterwards, are for the sake of the kingdom of God, and this for the sake of the King or Messiah, and so for the sake of the glory of the Creator. 1

That creation commenced from chaos, both the universal chaos of the mundane system and the particular chaos of the earth, and afterwards from light; thus from evening and morning. And that by the days from evening and morning are meant intervals of many days, that is, the times of creation. 3

That all things were created by Speech or the Word. And that many Persons of the Divinity concurred to the work of creation. 4

That there is nothing in the history of Creation, and afterwards in the Sacred Scripture, which does not have regard to the kingdom of God as the ultimate end. 5

That as all and single things in the creation itself commenced from chaos and thus from evening, so after creation all and single things must arise from an ovum and seed. So likewise in the new creation of heaven and earth; commencing from the fall of the first parent, this also commenced as it were from evening and; chaos. 6

What was created on the several days, is explained from the text of Scripture and the sense thereof; and so, how all things proceeded from evening to their morning. 8

The works of the several days as thus explained are recounted. 9

To the end that it may be understood what the likeness and image of God is, it must be known what order is, and what is the nature of the state of life which flowed from the order observed by Adam before the fall and after it. 10

That most perfect order of life is described, which was instituted by God; and also the state of integrity arising therefrom. 11

That two ways open into our intellectual mind, one which is called the prior or superior way and the other which is called the posterior or inferior way. These two ways are described. 12

That the image of God rested in that order and the state arising therefrom which obtained in the first parent and in the universe. 13, 14

That to Adam was also granted dominion over the devil, who is everywhere signified by beasts. 14

That an image of the kingdom of God was set forth in representative form in the life of Adam before the fall. That in that kingdom there will be a like order and state, and indeed more perfect. 15

That an accurate distinction is made between creation and production. Since creation is a representation in the Divine Mind of all things from eternity, the actuality or production follows this representation necessarily. 17

That in the series of productions or of actual creation, the antecedents ever served the consequents as means; thus that there was a continuous series of mediations even to man who was the last divine work. That man contained in himself a type of the universe. 18

That in the new creation of heaven and earth by the Messiah, six great days have also passed by. And that the seventh and holy day is at hand when heaven and earth will enter into the kingdom of the Messiah and thus into their rest. 19

That in the history of creation, after the works of the several days previously recited, the subject next passes on to the use of air and earth in the production of vegetables and animals, and also of man himself, who thus arose from the dust of the earth. 21

That by the vital spirit or soul of lives (Gen. 2:7) is meant the air admitted into the opened lungs, from which comes respiration and thus the life of the body. 22

That spiritual things are represented in natural, the heavenly paradise in the earthly, the Messiah in the tree of life, the devil in the tree of knowledge, and so forth; and that by reason of this, we meet with a double meaning both here and everywhere else in the Sacred Scripture. 23

That by the four rivers also, which ran together in paradise, something spiritual is understood. 25

That to the work of creation many Persons of the Divinity concurred, who are called Jehovah God. 26

The life of Adam is described when he was led by the Love of heaven, the only begotten Son of God; and then his life when he was led by the loves of the world and self, that is, by their prince; consequently, first his spiritual life and then his natural. 27

The wisdom and intelligence of Adam in the state of his integrity is described as being such that the uses and ends of all things then flowed into his mind from heaven by the superior way. Also his deplorable state after the fall and the state of his descendants when it was necessary to acquire the knowledges of all things by the experience of the senses and by sciences. 29

It was also a sign of Adam's intelligence and of the perfect state of his life that he at once knew the origin of his bride or wife, at first sight of her. 30

It is explained what the rib is from which Adam's wife came; thus that she also was taken and created from the dust. 31

The first precept of marriage is explained, as to why a man leaving his paternal home should cleave unto his wife, to wit, that thence should exist societies lesser and greater, and finally the Great Society. 33

And why it was added to this precept that they would coalesce into one flesh, to wit, that this great society was to be the body of the Messiah himself, and the Messiah to be the Soul and Life of that body; thus they were to coalesce into one. 34

The state of that society, that is, of the kingdom of God, is effigied in the state of the life of the first parents, and indeed in the state of their innocence when they were not ashamed of nakedness. 35

That by the serpent is signified the devil, and more properly prudence, and afterwards the subtlety thereof. 37, 53

That the speech between the woman and the serpent was a speech representative of things by means of animal forms, etc., such as is the speech of heavenly spirits. 38

That the devil appeared under the garb of an angel of light; that is, he built up deceits under the appearance of prudence, and lies under the appearance of truths. 39

The loves of the world and self arising from the life of the devil are described; and also that they are wholly contrary to the Love of heaven, and flow into human minds from an opposite source. 40

That by their influx these loves invert the order of human life, and thus pervert its state; hence the shade and darkness of the understanding, and hence also hatred from which comes spiritual death. 41

That it was also permitted the devil to inject into the woman the persuasion that he spoke the truth, and at the same time the desire of feeding on the fruit of that tree; and this to the end that man might undergo temptation and thus might learn what evil is and what the devil. 42

That beneath this persuasion and desire which induce shade on the understanding, the woman clearly beheld the truth. And thus there was left her the opportunity of choosing good above evil; from which circumstances the nature of their free decision is clearly apparent. 43

The reason why the devil was made, namely, that he might serve as a bond between heaven and the world. And the necessity that this bond, which had been broken by the devil, should be restored by the only begotten Son of God, the Love of heaven. 44

That immediately after the fall, Adam and his wife beheld truth in its own light, and so their eyes were opened. From this comes the reason why they were ashamed, why they perceived that they were naked, and why they clothed themselves with fig leaves--all which circumstances are explained. 46, 50

That immediately after the fall, Adam and his wife began to live the life of the devil, and thus became his images. 47

This life is described, and it is shown that it is the same in quality in the smallest particulars as in the general, and that it flows into the least point of the blood just as into its mass; hence original sin was derived into their descendants. 48

That when truth was seen in its own light, they wished to betake themselves to the tree of life in the midst of the garden, that is, to the one only Son of the Supreme Being. 50

That in their state of life according to order, and also whenever it was pleasing to God, there were manifest communications of thoughts and speeches between spirits and human minds; and that thus the first-born clearly heard the voice of God; when he spoke. 51

That the devil under the form of a serpent was cursed by God, and at the same time also his angels, though not with such direful curses. 53

That the loves of the world and self and the cupidities and appetencies, etc., arising therefrom are represented in the heavens by animal and ferine forms. 54

That the devil was condemned to the earth, that is, was condemned to eat dust; thus from an angel of light he was turned into an angel of shade and death. 55

That by the woman between whom and the serpent were to be enmities, is meant the bride of the Messiah, or that divine society which was to constitute the kingdom of God. 57

That by the serpent here is meant that other society which will live a natural or animal life under the leadership of the devil. 58

By the seed of the woman is meant the Messiah, the Son of Man and at the same time of God. 59

By the head of the serpent which was to be trampled by the Messiah, is meant the daring attempts and the forces of the devil. 60

By the heel which the devil was to bruise is meant nature, both the nature of the world and that of the body, which is to be put as a footstool, under the feet of the Messiah sitting upon his throne. 61

That after the fall the advent of the Messiah was at once predicted and promised, who would restore the order instituted by God, and which in the first parents was now inverted; and thus, despite all, would establish in Adam's posterity the kingdom of God, the end of creation. 62

That from the loves of the world and self, there arise in the mind and thus also in the body, perpetual combats and oppositions which rend all things; hence the tribulations and pains with which the woman was to be affected. 64

That like tribulations are propagated to their offspring; and that the pain of birth is a sign of this also. 65

What is involved in the precept of marriage after the fall, namely, that the wife should depend on her man; unlike the precept of marriage before the fall which was that the man should cleave to his wife. 66

That from this precept shines out to some extent the future quality of the marriage between the Messiah and his bride. 67

As in the woman the body is cursed and its nature, so in the man the world is cursed and its nature; and this because of the influx of the one into the other. 69

Consequently, as the body would beget tribulations and pains, so the earth would beget thorns and briars. 70

And this for the reason that, as the state of heaven flows into the world, so the state of the mind flows into the body. 71

Hence it follows that as heavenly food or bread is to be sought by struggles and temptations, so earthly food is to be sought by labor and sweating, or the reverse. 72

That from these discords arising both in the mind and in the body from inverted order or a perverted state, exist perpetual causes of death both spiritual and natural; hence finally comes death itself as the effect of its causes. 73

That, in order that a new creation may exist, or a new creature, man by means of humility must be reduced into nothingness, which here also is signified by his return to dust. 74

That in his wife Adam still beheld the kingdom of God which was to exist in his posterity, follows from the fact that he called her the mother of all living beings. 76

That the speech of the lips was indeed derived from the speech of the mind, that is, from spiritual speech, which was a speech representative of objects by means of forms; but yet, after the fall, becoming natural, it also emulates inverted order, as does the mind itself. 77

That after the fall the first parents were covered about with a new skin or tunic, over{1} the epidermis. 78

{1 See no. 78 note.}

That Jehovah God is one in essence and trine in persons; or, that by Jehovah God are meant all three Persons of the Divinity. 80

That immediately after the fall, Adam was the most intelligent of his posterity, and thus was like God, as; it were, knowing good and evil. 81

If Adam, immediately after his guilt, had eaten of the fruit of the tree of life, he would then have eaten spiritual death, and so would have lived cursed to eternity; therefore he was cast out of paradise. 82

Hence also the conclusion follows, that the Messiah was to come who would again admit man into paradise and to the eating of His tree. 83

That Adam was cast out to till the ground, that, like the prince of the loves of the world, he also might live a mundane, natural or animal life outside paradise. 85

That by the cherubs are meant guards around the throne or seat of Jehovah God. 86

And that by the flaming sword is meant the radiation proceeding from the Sun of justice, wisdom and love, and which, like a sharp sword, strikes those who, without the Savior of the world, prepare for themselves a way to His tree. 87

For the elucidation of the above, the order is explained in which the faculties of life in our body, from the first of them to the last, follow one after the other, and mutually act into each other. And that we are passive potencies; so that it is spiritual essences outside us that excite and rule all the faculties of our life; consequently, it is either the only begotten Son of God, the Prince of heaven, or the devil, the prince of the world; the head of the latter, however, will be trampled on by the only begotten Son and Love of God. 88

That the prince of the world or the devil, was represented in Cain. 90, 91

That the devil was driven from heaven like Cain from the soil of the earth; and that he bears the most relentless hatred against the Prince of heaven, that is, the Messiah, and exercises the same. 92

That the infernal crew was represented in the posterity of Cain, and especially in the offspring of Lamech. 93

That the Prince of heaven, that is, Christ the Savior of the world, was represented in Abel whom He led, and thus by Abel. That it was first of all in Abel that the Messiah offered himself a victim for the transgressions of the human race. 94, 96

That the death of the Messiah in the body or flesh was foretold by Lamech. 95

That Adam's guilt was derived into Cain his first-born; but the latter was condemned to spiritual death because he himself was at fault. 97

That it was represented in Abel, that the Messiah became justice and took away the sins of the world. That when Abel was slain, Seth, from whom came the Messiah, was born in his stead. 98

That in Adam, when he conceived and begat Seth from whom came the Messiah, the image of God was again raised up; but raised up such as it was in the new man after the fall, that is to say, by faith in the Messiah and his justice. 99

As the death of the Messiah is signified in Abel, so his ascent into the heavens is signified in Enoch, the sixth generation from Adam. 100

The first creation was accomplished in six days, and each of these days commenced from evening. The seventh day was holy. So also will it be in the new creation. 102 {2}

{2. This is the last entry of the author's formal Table of Contents. It is followed by three blank pages, doubtless reserved for the continuation. Then, on a slip of paper pasted on the inside of the back cover, are a few "Notes" and "Observations." Similar Notes are found on the cover pages of volumes II and III. These are simply entries of passages which the author wished to note. All these entries have been gathered together and included in the present Table of Contents. We have also added entries of all those sections of The Word Explained which have special headings or which clearly deal with special subjects.

In indented paragraphs, we have also included the entries of the memorabilia of the spiritual world. With a few exceptions (distinguished by brackets), these entries are translations of all the references to The Word Explained which are found in Swedenborg's Index to his Spiritual Diary. In this Index he included nearly all the memorabilia recorded in the present work. Thus, so far as the entries of the memorabilia are concerned, the present Table of Contents presents what may be considered as the introductory or first part of The Spiritual Diary. The Index words from which our headings are taken will be found noted in the present work at the passages referred to.

The inclusion in the present work of these translations from the author's Index to his Spiritual Diary involves somewhat of an anachronism in regard to the use of the word "Lord" in place of "God Messiah." Throughout the present work, Swedenborg invariably speaks of "God Messiah," and this term is continued in the early part of the Spiritual Diary up to n. 498, written in January, 1748, after which date, Swedenborg speaks only of the "Lord."

The Index to the Spiritual Diary was made several months after January, 1748, and therefore in every reference, both to the present work and to the early part of the Spiritual Diary where the term "God Messiah" is used, this name is changed to "the Lord."]

That the image of God consists in order. 13, 14

That spiritual things are represented in natural things. 23

That purely spiritual essences see heavenly things in earthly, etc. 114

[On the distinction between the names "Jehovah," "God," and "Jehovah God." 122]

That God, its origin, [also sees heavenly things in earthly]. 124

The nature of the order of life in the universe. 88, 130

That it is the same in the blood, but simultaneous. 130, 130a

That the soul, the intellectual mind, the natural mind, etc., are distinct faculties. 130a

[Celebration of Jehovah God by the saints. 317]

That in ancient times, marriages outside the family were forbidden{3}. 459

{3. From the author's Index to his Spiritual Diary.

That infants dictated to me and directed my hand. 459

Concerning the kingdom of God, see the whole chapter. 472-4541

In general, concerning visions and speech with spirits; and that I was admitted into the world of spirits and spoke with many. 475

[Concerning unity and variety in the kingdom of God. 484-491]

That there are many senses in the Divine Word, and indeed four. 505

That God is the All in all. That the Messiah is in his own as in himself. 510

[Concerning form and harmony in the kingdom of God. 522]

That the kingdom of God, or heaven, was represented to me with the union, harmony, influx, and felicity of many; also the ladder of angels seen by Jacob, I 541; see III 356 [4539]. 561

The genealogies of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and their relationships with the house of Terah, Nahor, Bethuel and Laban. 558

Concerning the kingdom of God, and at the same time, concerning the Old Creation or Paradise; and concerning the creation of the old man and of the new. 596{*}-627

{* The autograph has 594.}

Concerning order, from the first to the last; thus concerning the two creations and concerning the kingdom of God. 628-668

[Evil spirits, like men, think they are ruled by themselves. 650a]

Concerning the inverted state and order of man, and his being cast out of paradise. 664-668

Concerning representations of the church in trees and flowers. 732

[Concerning the Abrahamic Church. 749-750]

[Concerning the Jewish Church. 764]

[Concerning the four faculties in man. 810-817]

[Concerning the nature of love. 818-824]

[That in primitive times spiritual things were seen under natural objects. 876-878]

Concerning the kingdom of God, and at the same time, concerning the

Old Creation or Paradise; and concerning the creation of the old man and of the new. 879-890

[Concerning human philosophy and the Divine Word. 904-911]

Concerning the human understanding and its formation; concerning truths, goodnesses, affections, loves, etc., etc. 916-988

In general, that the thoughts, the will, the actions, the walking and the footsteps are ruled by the Lord in the smallest details, by means of angels and spirits; and that I was so led, and yet conversed with men as before, no one observing the leading; see III 4105 [8283]. 943

That affections or loves rule the rational and intellectual things of the mind, and produce falsities or truths corresponding thereto; and that the field of affections and truths extends from things opposite; which field is the better according as it is wider and extends more readily towards goods; [from experience]. 967

That there is but one Love and one Life which is the Lord's alone. 986

That evil genii and spirits are admitted into the world of spirits to sustain men's lives because they are natural; [from experience]. 986

[Concerning the human will. 989-904]

In general that I spoke with those who have died in the world. 1003

Concerning the kingdom of God, and at the same time concerning the Old

Creation or Paradise; and concerning the creation of the old man and of the new. 1005-1019

[Concerning the transmission of hereditary evil. 1039-1054]

[Concerning the gathering of the nations. 1076-1082]

[Concerning revelations by visions. 1144]

That angels and good spirits are not ruled by themselves, and do not will to be ruled by themselves; not so evil spirits; [from experience]. 1147

That there is not the least moment of thought and affection that does not flow in; [from experience]. 1147-[48]

In general that men are ruled by means of spirits; and that spirits manifestly ruled my steps and all the motions of my body, and how; and that they think themselves to will, to act, and to be men. 1149

That spirits wrote by my hand, and [for the sake of experience] wrote words of which I had not thought. 1150

[Concerning the Word as an image of creation. 1195-1199]

That Peter walked around like a poor spirit (genius); and other particulars respecting him. 1215

That the deceits of evil spirits were laid open to me, although they wished to hide them. 1269

What apparitions and visions were manifested to me, and what their nature. 1351, 1953

[Concerning the multitude and variety of nations. 1354-1366]

That the human race would perish unless the Lord ruled; the universe; [from experience] 1396

That I spoke truths which I did not understand but which were afterwards explained; thus that words are inspired in man which he does not understand. 1409

Concerning the tithes given to Esau. 1415

Concerning the wrestling of God with Jacob. 1452-1460

That the wrestling of the angel with Jacob signifies the wrestling of the Lord with Jacob's posterity. 1461

That it also signifies temptations; [from experience]. 1470

Continuation concerning Esau and Jacob. 1490 seq.

Jacob, being seen, is described as to his quality; and that by my hand he wrote the words that immediately precede concerning the Lord; see also 1527. 1511

That Jacob confessed that he had repented before his death. 1526

What was confessed by Abraham concerning the Lord, when he was in that state; and what was written by him and by Isaac through my hand. 1527-1530

What was confessed by Abraham concerning circumcision. 1644-1646

That among spirits there are a great many who wish to be worshiped as gods and who seduce men; [from experience]. 1656

[Concerning the speech of God] with men. 1695]

That Jacob and his posterity is the serpent who deceived

[Adam] and bruised the heel [of God Messiah]. 1712

That places signify degrees in the true church and in the kingdom of God Messiah, {4} II 39 and 40. 1752-1753

{4 Volumes I, II and III of the autograph each commence with n. 1, and volume IV has no numbering, all the author's references to it being by pages. In the translation, the work has been numbered consecutively throughout. To facilitate reference to the Latin text, we add the numbers of the autograph volumes. These also apply to the Latin edition, except that part of volume III of the autograph (from n. 4451 on) is printed in volume IV (or Pts. 2-3) of the Latin edition. See our Introduction, pp. 4-5.}

That by Ishmael, they are signified who sit at the Lord's right hand, and by Esau they who sit at his left; to sit at the right hand is to be the nearest; II 53, 54. 1766-1767

Concerning the house, the church, and the kingdom of God Messiah; their classes and distributions in general, II 60, and above in the same chapter. 1771, 1773

The hereditary nature received from the father unfolds itself more slowly, and that received from the mother more quickly, II 59. 1772

That every evil is bent by the Lord into good, and every good is turned by evil spirits and genii into evil; [from experience] II 88. 1801

[Concerning the representation of Joseph and his brethren, II 122-134. 1895-1847]

That spirits think themselves men; but not so when they were with me as often as reflection was given them, II 135. 1847

That spirits perceive and inspire affections and persuasions in a marvelous manner according to their nature; and that they thus turn good into evil; [from experience] II 135, see also 1654, 1683 [3323, 3346]. 1847

[Concerning the devil; why he was made prince of the world, II 136-147. 1848-1859 3

That there was a multitude of spirits about me; and that varieties of influxes produce effects in the rational mind and in the will, II 149. 1856

That there is nothing that is not a type of the kingdom of the Lord, II 145. 1857

That in ancient times there was much speech of spirits and angels with men; and that there were many modes of revelation; but that afterwards heaven was closed to men, II 181. 1892

That dreams are induced by spirits; and that they are principally of two kinds; [from experience] II 182-184. 1893-1895

How that in Jacob is represented the Messiah, and afterwards the devil, II 212. 1923

[That in the beginning I could never know whether a spirit were a good one or an evil II 217. 1928]

That the most minute and incomprehensible things in man's thought are ruled by the Lord alone; [from experience] II 356-357. 2067

Concerning the literal, historical, and other senses [of the Word]; that they regard the inmost sense; many particulars concerning this, II 363, 364, 365, 366, 367. 2073-2075

[The meaning being obscure is left for another time, II 411. 2120]

That marvelous things occur in relation to the speech of spirits; many spirits speak together both as many and as a single one; one spirit at once takes up the speech of another; and this in another place or in the same place; [from experience], II 514. 2211

[Concerning a conversation with Jews in the spiritual world, II 530. 2227]

[That I have not the least thing from myself, II 560. 2257]

That I could not be injured by evil spirits, although I was continually beset by them and they tried to bring upon me injuries and death; which they do to everyone who does not favor their cupidities, II 687. 2382

[When affections are excited, the words follow spontaneously, II 837. 2531]

That I perceived and learned that from first infancy the acts of my life were governed by the Lord alone, [that I might come] to this end: [that thus by the knowledges of natural things I might serve as an instrument for opening the things that lie more interiorly concealed in the Divine Word], II 839. 2532

That angels perceive not the literal sense of the Word but its interior or spiritual sense; [from experience], II 927. 2619

Concerning the years of plenty and of famine, II 1044-1050. 2736-2742

[Concerning the representation of Jacob and that of Israel, II 1067-1077 2759-2768 1

That human philosophy leads minds into such blindness and ignorance concerning their own internal faculties and concerning their soul and life, that at last they know not how to discriminate the human from the brute animal, II 1076. 2767

[That in ancient times they spoke as the mouth of God Messiah, II 1091. 2782]

[That certain gestures of the body flow spontaneously from affection, II 1115. 2806]

That spirits did not understand what they spoke by the prophets, II 1133. 2823

[Concerning the character of the Dutch, II 1257. 2947]

That human philosophy cannot enter into things spiritual and heavenly; but when it enters and tries to enter, the man falls backwards; [from experience], II 1282, 1285. 2971, 2973

Concerning the knowledges of spiritual things from natural; thus concerning the new paradise, II 1298 2986

[That felicity comes from harmony, II 1344. 3032]

[That in heaven spirits and angels in their speech and actions present such things as look to the kingdom of God Messiah, II 1352-1353. 3040]

[That by death man loses nothing except the body, II 1374-1377. 3058-3061]

Further concerning death and resurrection, II 1404-8. 3089-3092

How absurd is that Judaism which wills to approach Jehovah apart from the Lord; [from experience], II 1425-1426. 3110

[That Peter was cast out of the company of the other apostles, II 1433. 3116]

[That Solomon still retains his manner of speaking in proverbs, II 1434. 3117]

[That those who are now admitted are not those who are to be admitted into the kingdom of God Messiah, II 1434-1435. 3117]

[That in heaven there exist continual types of the last judgment. From the life of those who are there, it cannot be concluded that they will be among those who will enter into the kingdom of God Messiah, II 1462. 3142]

[That there is no admission into heaven without preparation, II 1478-1480. 3158-3159]

[What was told me] concerning Judas Iscariot, II 1479. 3158

That evil is bent to good and falsity to truth, II 1483; also 1659, 1683 [3323, 3346]. 3161

[That words were brought in to me from heaven, though not dictated, II 1485. 3163]

[Concerning the persecutions of the church, II 1521-1530. 3199-3120. 8]

That the deceits and furies of evil spirits could do nothing against me; which they also confessed, II 1558. 3230

[Concerning the three periods of the reformation of the human race and the six days of the new creation, II 1565-1576. 3237-3248]

The horrible attempts of the Jews against the Lord still continue as they had been before, in the way of plotting the same thing in their heart; this I have frequently seen with horror, II 1603. 3274

The malignity of the Jews is further described; I spoke with them concerning this, and also concerning the rest of Abraham's seed which is scattered through all countries of the world, and not one of whom is of such a nature as this one tribe, II 1605. 3274

That the speech of spirits with me was heard as distinctly and as plainly as if uttered by a man, II 1659, 1685 [3347].3323

That men, spirits, and angels are merely organic substances; and the evil also, for they turn good into evil according to their nature, II 1654, 1683 [3346]. 3323

[Concerning the washing of feet, II 1660. 3327]

That Moses confessed that during his life he had not believed; many things concerning Moses, II 1676, 1779, 1865 [3483] 3340, 3407

[A sign that I have been sent; and how far the mission extends, II 1681. 3345]

That we are nothing but mere instruments or organs, II 1683; see 1654 [3323]. 3346

That the speech of spirits with me was heard as distinctly as human speech [although I was in the company of men talking just like any other man, so that no one could distinguish me from my former self], II 1685; see 1654 [3323]. 3347

Concerning Babel, II 1705-1722. 3363-3366

[That man thinks and understands nothing from himself, II 1761. 3390]

That a marvelous light was poured into my mind; and also shade, so that I understood nothing, and even perceived the matter in another sense and with another sight, II 1763. 3391

That Moses [and many others] confessed [that all that I had written was true], II 1779; see 1676 [3340]. 3407

[That I was in obscurity, II 1788, 1890. 3416, 3445]

Concerning representations by means of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, etc., II 1825 seq. 3449-3451

Why in former times and now, the kingdom of God is first offered to the Jews, II 1858-1853 3470-3471

[It was heard by me why God; Messiah was wroth with Moses, II 1861. 3479]

Concerning Moses, that he lamented when he perceived what had now been written], II 1865; see 1676 [3340]. 3483

[That God Messiah spoke with men by means of angels; as was the case with me, II 1889. 3500]

Concerning the hardening of Pharaoh's heart, II 1912-1919. 3525-3530

A vision at the table; in a vapor exuding from the body, worms were seen, which were gathered into a unit and, by a fire which was seen by me, were burst asunder with a noise; they signified the appetite of eating, II 1957. 3557

[That stagnant pools are the dwelling places of those who are rejected, II 1975. 3571]

[That a stench as from unclean things in nature corresponds to unclean spirits, II 1980. 3574]

[On the savage cruelty of evil spirits; from experience, II 2001. 3594]

That anger appeared to spirits like a fire flashing around the head, II 2055. 3641

[That evil is turned: into good, II 2088. 3671]

[That the people of Jacob were saved by the representation of the Passion of the Messiah, II 2164-2169. 3741-3746]

Concerning times in a summary, II 2172. 3749

[Concerning the first-bow, II 2340-2356. 3884-3894]

Concerning the speech of the heavenly ones, III prin. 4002

[Concerning the style of the Word of the old church, III prin. 4003-4]

Why the Jewish people was so often tempted in the wilderness, III prin. 4005

[The answer given to Jewish spirits concerning their temptation, III prin. 4005]

That the speech of spirits is rhythmical and falls into a unity, III 23. 4023

That evil spirits think that they pursue another when they extort consent, as it were, to their persuasion, III 43-48.4038

That the natural things with man are spiritual with good spirits and angels, such being the correspondence, III 87. 4070

[The things which [occurred] in the garden, May 2, 1746, III 135. 4106]

[What being sent into the wilderness is; from experience, III 138. 4108]

That the memory of past things, and the foreseeing of future, bring grief to man; and that there is no such thing with angels; hence their felicity, III 145. 4111

That after death souls, although they acknowledge truth and strive to do good, yet relapse into their pristine nature, III 209. 4160

As the inner love is, such are the gestures of the body, III 278-279. 4207

That good spirits consult the Lord and receive answers, III 337. 4251

Words came to me from on high by means of intermediate spirits, III 356. 4260

That when the Jews were striving to do unspeakable crimes, Abram favored with consent as one who does not himself act but in whom nevertheless there is the same blame as if he had acted, III 613, 4807 [6058]. 4355

That the Jews despise all in comparison with themselves, and hardly wish to admit others even to the meanest tasks; [from experience], III 659 [660]. 4387

That the essences of things within which is life, and thus the interior senses, are poured in by the Lord; hence come the words of speech; therefore the words are not perceived by angels, but the things. The contrary is the case with man; [from experience], III 678; see 681 [4402]. 4400

That the sound of speech with spirits is like that of speech with man, flowing, as it were, through the ear; [from experience], III 679-680. 4401

This was evidenced to me from praying the Lord's Prayer; that the interior and more interior things therein then flowed into the words with variety, III 681; see 678 [4400]. 4402

Concerning the fear of those who are not sons of Israel, III 700, 701, 702, 703, 704. 4413

On the nature of holy fear; [from experience], III 707-8. 4415

That man does not receive what he desires from himself if it is well that he should not have it, III 748. 4431 fin.

[That I was snatched away to servitude, III 811. 4455]

[Concerning Abraham and Jacob, III 821. 4461]

That evil spirits induce shade; so that I was unable to grasp in my thought what is the truth, and to be persuaded of it, and unable to be affected by what is useful and good, III 866. 4477

[There is no servitude in liberty, III 869. 4479]

Concerning theft, III 986 seq. 4528 seq.

[That the deceits of spirits come from their nature, III 1101. 4575]

That oaths and profanities greatly hurt my mind, III 1129. 4586

[Why God Messiah speaks through angels, III 1202-3. 4605]

[How evil is turned into good, III 1138 [bis]-39 [bis]. 4620]

That when evil has been rejected by me, it has sometimes been recalled, III 1141[bis], 1146[bis]. 4621, 4624

[Evils must never be united with goods, III 1149 [bis], 1151[bis]. 4625-4626]

That the affections of the animus are acquired as the bodies of heavenly affections, III 1165 [bis]. 4630

[A response to objecting spirits, III 1176 [bis]. 4635]

[How Moses and the Elders saw God in Mt. Sinai, III 1210 [bis]-11 [bis] 4646]

[Concerning the Tables of the Law, III 1221. 4649]

[Concerning Moses, III 1249. 4658]

[Profane things were said to me in a dream, III 1250. 4659]

That the presence of the Lord with me was manifested in various ways; respecting which in general, III 1262-1263 4663

The color cerulean blue is loved in heaven, but not so much green; [from experience], III 1287-1288. 4670

[Externals are nothing unless they flow from internals, III 1399. 4708]

[Concerning the essentials of the Word in its different senses, III 1589-1589. 4772]

That various representations were seen by me in a long series, signifying things which are of the kingdom of God; such as pyramids variously adorned, III 1626; see also 1632, 2040, 2052 [4782, 4907, 4917] 4779

That representations, visions and natural things thought out in a series, are perceived in heaven spiritually; [from experience], III 1632; see 1626 [4779]. 4782

Angelic speech heard and perceived in a dream, but not in wakefulness, because it was inexpressible, III 1660. 4793

[On the signification of a girdle, III 1730. 4812]

[Things that could be understood by me from the idea of the viscera and their coverings, III 1783. 4824]

Concerning the Breastplate of Judgment and the Urim and Thummin, III 1807 seq. 4832 seq.

In general concerning the colors that are loved, what they are and what they signify; such as golden yellow verging to purple; what shining white signifies; what cerulean blue; [from experience], III 1830. 4839

[Light seen as in midday when my eyes were closed, III 1888. 4865]

Concerning Aaron's robe, III 1914 seq. 4870 seq.

Concerning the Mitre and Tunic, etc., III 1965 seq. 4887 seq.

Concerning representations in heaven arising from those which were instituted; in the Jewish Church, {5} III 2038-2057. 4907-4921

{5 The author emphasizes this entry by the word "Observe." He adds "This should perhaps be premised in its proper place" (Cod. 61 ad fin.)}

Representations seen by me, III 2040, 2052; see 1626 [477]. 4907, 4917

That when I was in interior sight, those who were in exterior sight did not know what [I saw; it was a pyramid marvelously adorned], III [2052] 2053; see 1626 [4779]. 4917-4918

He who is not in order does not perceive interior things, still less things more interior; he who is in order perceives interior things and things more interior howsoever dissentient the exteriors, III 2056. 4920

That the ordinations of angels and spirits by the Lord are accomplished and varied: in accordance with every effect, III 2057. 4921

[In heaven each class supposes that it serves God Messiah immediately; why, III 2066. 4926]

That infants are educated and instructed in heaven, III 2086. 4934

[And also those who were not born in Christendom, III 4937]

Concerning the washing of feet, III 2121. 4949

[I spoke with those who knew no mediations except the one God Messiah, III 2171. 4964]

That natural things thought out in a series are perceived in heaven spiritually; as when the thought was concerning the liver and its structure, III 2221. 4983

[Representations are familiar to evil spirits, III 2231. 4985]

[Wonderful representations; that the left side of man is held to be holier than the right, III 2288. 5004]

[Experience concerning the toe of the right foot, III 2292-2293. 5006]

[If heavenly things were revealed, no one who trusts in the understanding would believe, III 2296-2297. 5008]

That the shoulder signifies one who excels in the doctrine of faith; [revealed to me in a dream] III 2308. 5012

That there was noticed a certain waving, an undulation, as it were, or a general respiration of many, III 2351. 5027

That there was a creeping motion in the cerebrum, almost according to the [undulatory] creeping of the cortical substance, in which were represented the things which flowed in from many spirits, III 2361. 5030

That the waving signifies the concordance of the individual with the community; what respiration is, III 2361 ad fin. 5030 fin.

Concerning the Therumah (heave-offering), III 2371-2389. 5035-5043

Offerings were sent me; a bundle of letters, a basket of apples and citrons, III 2390. 5044

Concerning the Millennium, III 2408. 5051

[That heavenly things and worldly cannot be mingled, III 2443. 5067]

[Every part of the rites of Moses involved infinite things; from experience, III 2458. 5075]

[Genii suppose they are furnished with a body and members; their form is induced by representation, III 2471-2472. 5081]

[Representations seen in series and for a long time, III 2477. 5083]

That I spoke by representations, III 2479. 5084

What eating with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is, III 2485-2491. 5088-5093

Many think they are in inmosts and are not; they know no otherwise; and why, III 2488. 5090

That everyone's nature is derived from his life in the body; if they should act from this nature in the other life, they could never be in any society and least of all in a heavenly society, unless the Lord ruled the universe, III 2492. 5094

Concerning the Continual Sacrifice, III 2533 seq. 5107 seq.

That I spoke with the Jews in sleep, they thinking me awake; which they noticed when I awoke; hence that they spoke with me in sleep, being themselves in sleep, III 2632. 5141

[That man's life is a sleep, III 2654-2655. 5150-5151]

Concerning the Altar of Incense, III 2656 seq. 5152 seq.

[Speech with spirits concerning spheres, III 2732. 5172]

[Angels do not reach to the ultimate of order, except by means of man, III 2759. 5180]

That the activities of angels are effected by volutions or gyres which are reciprocated according to heavenly forms; therefore they are represented by rings, III 2767-2768. 5185

Concerning the Shekel of Holiness, III 2950 seq. 5216 seq.

Concerning the Laver, III 2996 seq. 5242 seq.

[How affections induce persuasions, and how these affections are broken up by the Lord, III 2999. 5245]

Concerning the Oil of Anointing, III 3013 seq. 5253 seq.

[Concerning the Seventh and Holy Day, III 3049 seq. 5265 seq.]

Concerning the two Tables, III 3060 seq. 5270 seq.

[Concerning the Worship of the Golden Calf, III 3078 seq. 5276 seq.]

That in the other life the Jews planned to do similar things as in the life of the body; [written in their presence], III 3102-3. 5292-5293

[That spirits about me answered, We cannot. They were not able to weaken what was written concerning them, III 3144, 3147. 5311-5312]

Abraham said that I should write, that in heaven nothing whatever is done except through God Messiah whom they adore, III 3149. 5314

Speech with the Jews concerning the fall of man and concerning temptations, III 3173. 5325

What Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are in the mystical sense; see the notes to Exodus 32:13 5363 seq.

What the Tables of the Law are which were laid down in Mount Sinai; see the notes to Exodus 32:15. 5384 seq.

[Wonderful things happened to me when I wrote concerning the Law laid down in Sinai, III 3360. 5386]

Concerning the proximate, interior, more interior, and inmost senses in the Word of God Messiah; and concerning the likenesses of

Himself;{6} see notes to Exodus 38:17. 5392 seq.

{6 The author emphasizes this entry by the word "Observe" (Cod. 61 fin.)}

They in the other life who put justice in works, turn all good into evil; they who put justice in the law turn all evil into good, III 3373. 5401

They who stand for works, or for the external law are continually attacking those who stand for the internal law, nor do they desist; therefore, to the latter are given the means of protecting themselves, III 3377, 3381-3382. 5402-4

[On the last day the devil will know that he is conquered, III 3383. 5405]

[Evil spirits who led: the choir were singing; for the devil desires to imitate the things that regard God Messiah, III 3385-3387. 5407-5481

[In heaven man is not seen as a man but only his spiritual and heavenly part which makes the man, III 3400. 5416]

That all that man thinks and does flows into him; [from experience], III 3403. 5417

[It was given those in heaven to perceive all the thoughts of my heart, III 3486. 5432]

That men may be among angels, there must be a correspondence of interiors with exteriors; [from experience], III 3339. 5433

[External and internal sanctity; from experience, III 3443-3444. 5437]

[Whence holiness comes, III 3447-3448 5439]

That no conclusion can be made concerning anyone as to his quality, whether good or evil, when he is in a state of fear and of humiliation from fear; for after the fear he goes back [to his own state; from experience], II 3496-3497. 5460

[Combats were represented to me for a long time, III 3519. 5466]

[Punishment of the wicked is not effected by means of angels, for these never punish, but only defend themselves, III 3525-3527. 5468-5469]

That in the representative Jewish Church, spirits were so ordinated that they comprehended only externals and were ignorant of internals; thus they served for representing things holy, III 3535. 5474

When holy things were represented by them in externals, then heavenly and spiritual things were represented in heaven, III 3536. 5475

[Concerning the difference between the Jewish Church and the truly Christian Church, III 3537-3541. 5476-5479]

That by any one single thing, innumerable and various things are represented; this was made evident to me from the Lord's Prayer; as in the single word Bread, III 3537, 3539; see 3959 [5678]. 5476, 5478

[On the disposition of angels into choirs, III 3589, 3696. 5496, 5527]

Things which were inspired, when the words were written concerning Abraham, that justice was not imputed to him because he believed that Isaac was to be born but because he believed that the Lord was represented; therefore by Abraham, saving faith is merely represented. Other particulars concerning which I spoke with Abraham, III 3762-3765. 5586-5588

[That spirits perceive rest in self-justification by their own works, was shown by a living example, III 3771. 5592]

That it was Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with whom I spoke; and here concerning the representative church, III 3772. 5593

[How internal hearing and sight are effected, and their similarity to external hearing and sight, III 3783-3784. 5602-3]

[Speech with Jacob, III 3809. 5617]

That in the other life those who put justice in the external law are tormented when they hear the internal law explained, III 3892-3893. 5650-5651

That sometimes writing has been sensibly done by spirits by means of my hand, III 3895; see also 5393-5394 [6327]. 5652

[A spirit expelled from a house in heaven, III 3906. 5658]

[The punishment of the evil by turning the face away from them, represented in a wonderful manner, III 3909. 5660]

That in humiliation, as in every affection, there are indefinite varieties, III 3959; see also 3537, 3539 [5476, 5478] 5678

That Moses still worships the law in externals, and that he is held in no esteem, III 3963. 5679

[Concerning the Tables of the Law, III 3998-4016. 5697-5705]

That the motions of many members of my body were manifestly ruled by spirits, III 4105; see also I 943. 5741

Certain ancestors of the Jews [of the stock of Eber] could give no answer when asked, Whom did Melchizedek represent? what the sacrifices? whom Isaac when he was a victim? III 4160. 5763

That in the other life the truths of faith torment the evil, III 4163. 5764

[How light is perceived in the intellectual mind; from experience, III 4171. 5768]

A veil was drawn away from my eyes and I saw more keenly, III 4185 [4193] 5779, 5777

[A dispute among spirits respecting the signification of the Therumah (heave-offering), III 4228 5789]

[Few can understand what freedom is, III 4252 5797]

That in the Lord's Prayer is the whole of order; and in its single parts is an archetype of creation, III 4297 5817

[Choirs of angels were seen, and also wonderful representations by variations of form, III 4327-4328 5826-5827]

[These motions produce corresponding motions in the internal man, III 4330 5828]

Representations whereby evil is turned into good, and what is profane is taken away so that it becomes holy, III 4339, [4340]; see 5025, 5190-5191, 5227 [6157, 6246, 6259] 5833

[Evil spirits are restrained from disturbing these representations, III 4343-4345 5835-5836]

[Things seen in a dream concerning which I spoke with spirits and angels when I awoke, III 4418 5857]

[Speech with spirits is more full than speech with men, III 4419 5858]

That the angels await the last day, or the liberation of the pious from the wicked, III 4445 5868

That in the other life the Jews wish that inheriting the land signified inheriting heaven, III 4455 5876

The mystical sense of the circumstance that the Reubenites and Gaddites remained and went in front both on this side Jordan and on the other, III 4460-4463 5879

That no other than he might have the merit of being supreme, Abram presented himself by means of a representation, as slaying his son, III 4511 5905

The horrible plots against the Lord by Abraham and Jacob, who are called their fathers (not by Isaac); from which may be concluded that they had been such in the life of the body, III 4512-4513 5906-7

[Concerning Abraham, III 4571 5922]

[The conviction of the Jews, whence they had torment of conscience, was represented to me, III 4536 5924]

[Concerning the Anakim, III 4571 5952]

Briefly concerning the nature of the gods of those who lay claim to the Lord's kingdom from their own justice, III 4632; see 4700 [4701 (6022) 5991

[That truth penetrates to inmosts, and torments, III 4642 5999]

[Some of the Jewish people were with me, but not of the same character, III 4649 6005]

[It has been granted me to learn the arcana of the Word by the mercy of God Messiah, III 4682 6010]

The character of those who lay claim to the Lord's kingdom; and the nature of their obstinacy which leads them to occupy the Lord's kingdom, III 4684 6011

Briefly concerning the nature of the gods of those who lay claim to the Lord's kingdom from their own justice, III 4700 [4701]; see 4632 [5991] 6022

[The same nature remains after death, III 4700-4701, 6022]

[The spirits of God Messiah promptly present themselves to fight with the evil, III 4728-4729 6040]

When good spirits speak, they skillfully put forth words which contain many things suitable to the subject, III 4737 6042

I spoke and understood something in a dream, which I could not understand when I awoke, III 4785 6051

[Evil spirits understand not the least of this speech, III 4786 6051]

That evil spirits are not in the least persuaded concerning the truth, III 4797 6054

[An angel of God Messiah spoke through Deborah, III 4801-4802 6056]

That some evil spirits look at horrible things and it seems that they do not wish to be among them; and yet they favor them in their heart, III 4807; see 613 [4355] 6058

[On those who confide in themselves, III 4813 6060]

[How truth perishes was represented, III 4817 6061]

[Many combats sere represented to me, III 5016 6152]

That spirits can bring to a man the presence of any person who has been known to him, and can persuade all that it is the same person, when yet it is another, III 5081 6155

[An evil spirit was represented instead of Samuel, III 5023 6156]

That evil spirits can be held to speak the truth, III 5025; see 4339 [5833] 6157

David's song when he was liberated from the hand of his enemies, III 5073 seq. 6187 seq.

Concerning Solomon's Temple, III 5181 seq. 6244 seq.

That external spirits comprehend only external things and are affected by them; the things which are in heaven are spiritual and heavenly, and these they know not, III 5190-5191; see 4339 [5833] 6246

That in the Word of the Lord I saw scarcely any but internal things, III 5192 6247

That the windows of a house signify sight, III 5805 6251

The character of Solomon when he was first represented to me; also the nature of his wisdom, III 5225-5226 6257-6258

That exterior spirits are ignorant of the correspondence of spiritual things with natural, being altogether of the opinion that they are men, III 5227 [5228]; see 4339 [5833] 6259

The Prophecy of Isaiah, a Kings 19(21) seq. III 5316 seq. 6310 seq.

[Evil spirits or their concupiscences are coerced so that they cannot speak the least thing, III 5365 6319]

It was inspired in me what is meant by the remnant from

Jerusalem; and what by the root being turned and bearing fruit upwards [1 Kings 19(30-31)]; thus concerning the external and internal man and concerning the regeneration of the latter, III 5393-5394; see 3895 [5652] 6327

That King Josiah was loved by the Lord; this was evidenced by tears from my eyes [when I read this chapter (2 Kings 23)], III 5395-5396 6928

[That the more interior and inmost senses were comprehended by means of representations, III 5406 6336]

[Concerning the cruel wars of the people of Jacob, III 5407-8 6937-6938]

[Concerning the representation of Solomon, III 6409 6339]

Concerning the Pillar of Cloud and Fire, III 5410 seq. 6340 seq.

That the Jews, though instructed, still confessed that they did not wish to understand what their rites and sacrifices signified; therefore if they had been instructed during their life they would have profaned all things, III 5420 6348

That in man is nothing but evil; therefore if the Lord should leave him for a moment, every sort of evil would break forth, III 5445 [5546] 6356

That the externals should be as nothing, in order that the interiors might be with things spiritual and heavenly, III 5481 6378

[Representations terminated in animals and birds, III 5541 6409]

That spirits can inflict diseases and pains on the body, III 5558 6418

That the leaders of evil spirits attempt to occupy the

Lord's kingdom, III 5620 6438

Concerning the Kingdom of God Messiah, III 6026 seq. 6581

Concerning the unspeakable deeds of the Jews, III 6183 6625

Concerning the Kingdom of God Messiah, III 6204 seq. 6634

[Spirits have no knowledge of time, and no care for the future, III 6292-6293 6652-6653]

Concerning the unspeakable deeds of the Jews, III 6350 6665

[I have often been separated from the body, III 6378-6373 6671]

If the Lord looses the reins even a very little, evil spirits at once rush to the destruction of all, and even of infants, III 6392-6393 6674

That some seek to become justice, and thus to become lords of the universe, III 6465-6466 6701

That the Jews wish to arrogate heaven to themselves, III 6545 6725

That every evil and every cupidity is exerted by evil spirits, III 6666 6765

When exteriors are operative, interiors appear to do nothing, and vice verse, III 6795-6796 6814-6815

Concerning the Blessing, III 6887 seq. 6852 seq.

That peace is the complex of all felicities, together with the most complete life without the life of the concupiscences of the body, III 6925 6863

[That holy things come from above; from experience; III 6958 6879]

That things spiritual and heavenly are incomprehensible; things natural and corporeal are like weights; III 6960-6963 6880-6882

That there is an inspiration of prophets, and what its nature, III 6965 6884

The speech of spirits with men, its nature and varieties; it does not enter by the ear, III 6966 6885

[Things represented abstractly which fall into words, III 6981 6898]

That various kinds of flames were seen, III 7012 6905

[Concerning the Advent of the Lord, Psalm 132, III 7120 seq. 6985]

Inspiration, its nature and varieties; how those who were inspired like the prophets, seem to have written, III 7176 7006

That many speak together as one person; and that societies of many are according to heavenly forms, and thus represent the kingdom of the Lord, III 7186-7187 7024-7025

The ordinations of spirits are in accordance with every effect; therefore, if the Lord should loose the reins for a moment the universe would perish, III [7194], 7195 7032

[That in a certain state spirits believe, and then relapse, III 7269 7105]

That certain spirits and genii are deceitful; they snatch away thoughts and affections in a moment and in a moment turn them into evil, III 7289 7121

[Evil spirits rush on each other at the least opportunity, III 7899 7128]

[Spirits who terrify are represented as giants, III 7300-7301, 7129]

That in the other life the Jews lay claim to heaven and think it their's only, III 7359-7360, 7368 7183-7185

That if rein were given to the Jews, one would hold: the other in murderous hatred, and there would be nothing that was not discordant both within them and among them, III 7365 7187 [When the devil and evil spirits are admitted into heaven, truly rational minds may be excited as to various cupidities, III 7440-7441 7262] [That angelic contemplation consists in representations, III 7483 7303]

That evil and unclean spirits take away the evil and unclean things that are with others; and how, III 7985 7304

That the Lord alone sustains temptations in man and conquers, III 7509, 7529 [7347] 7327

That the deceits and machinations of evil spirits are so malignant that they can never be believed, III 7529; see 7509 [7327] 7347

That spirits speaking with men are heard like horses' hoofs, hinnyings, hammer blows. [Concerning Balaam's ass; from experience], III 7535 7352 [It was often told me by spirits that I was condemned and without hope of salvation, III 7544 7360]

That evil spirits infuse falses and evils, and at once accuse and condemn the man from the things that are their's, although they know this, III 7565 7381

That evil spirits are such that if they knew from experience thousands of times that they can do nothing at all of themselves, yet they would not desist from the phantasy that they can do all things, III 7567 7382

That there are many species of visions; these are treated of, III 7572 7387

The character of Moses; that he is also the head of those who worship the law in externals and thus succumb in temptations, III 7612; see 7694 [7507] 7427

That the state of infancy is seen in the life of man, if he has lived in a state of integrity, III 7651 7465 [On those who worship the devil, III 7691 7504]

The character of Moses [that he commingles holy things with profane] III 7694; see 7612 [7427] 7507

When the spirits of the Lord speak, then far more things are contained in an idea than fall or can possibly fall into words; as is the case everywhere in the Word of the Lord, III 7705; see IV p. 33 [7769] 7517

That infernal spirits and genii have their leaders who call themselves lords of the universe, gods and also Jehovah; therefore they hate those who adore the Lord;7 IV p. 16 [p. 30, 31]; see p. 34. 7666

7 The references from this point on, are to volume IV of the autograph; and since the paragraphs of this volume are not numbered, the references are by pages. To these we have added in brackets the pages in the Latin edition.

[That the Jews are still in doubt respecting the things of the internal law, IV p. 20. [p. 37] 7687]

That they who are imbued with principles and with a nature therefrom, and also with the love of self and with justice therefrom, cannot make supplication to the Lord, IV p. 21 [p. 39] 7699

[Abraham, Moses, and others, are frequently removed from their places, IV p. 30 [p. 57] 7743]

That the nature of heavenly joy can never be believed; these joys are of thousands of varieties; [from experience], IV p. 32 [p. 62] 7758

[Concerning my temptations, IV p. 32 [p. 62] 7759]

That thousands of things are contained in a single word in the Prophets; so that a single idea requires a complete exposition; therefore, the style is of this nature, IV p. 39 [p. 68] 7769

That evil spirits attribute all power to themselves which by permission of the Lord they seem to have as their own; and they seem the more to have this as their own, according as the reins are loosed to them; but they are merely instrumental causes, and are permitted to think in this way for various reasons, IV p. 39 [p. 68] 7776

The leaders of infernal spirits and genii are for the most part those whom they adored in the life of the body; these leaders call themselves lords of the universe and also; Jehovah, but in the other life the end of those who love to be worshiped as gods is a sad one, IV p. 34 [p. 69] 7777

That temptations are brought to their height even until no hope of salvation seems to be left, IV p. 34 [p. 69] 7780

They who are in heaven have no time, no recalling of the past, and no solicitude for the future, which things bring anxiety; hence their state is a state of utmost felicity; IV p. 35 [p. 71] 7784

That the Lord's spirits are intent on doing good to all, even the worst; while the evil are intent on killing all, even the innocent; [from experience], IV p. 42 [p. 87] 7828

That the Lord alone is wisdom, He alone [has] power in the heavens and on earth, He alone is the life of faith; IV p. 48 [p. 100] 7863

That spirits know that they have nothing of power but do not acknowledge it; thus they know it outside themselves.

Angels know and acknowledge and perceive it, and thus do this relatively within themselves; IV p. 49 [p. 102] 7868

They who enjoy a natural soul do not perceive the interior sense of the Word; they who enjoy a spiritual heavenly soul do not perceive the sense of the letter; IV p. 58 [p. 107] 7889

That prophetic speech contains the representations of spirits, and, interiorly, angelic representations; thus it is not understood by natural spirits; IV p. 59 [p. 119] 7924

That the Jews attribute heaven to themselves and are of such a mind that they wish to admit no one; for they hold all, even their own people, in deadly hatred, except when the subject in hand is the principality; IV p. 60 bis [p. 123] 7932

The Jews apply to themselves everything in the Word that is favorable, rejecting that which is not favorable, and paying no attention to it; nor do they wish to understand that the Lord is effigied in every instituted rite of the church; IV p. 60 [p. 123] 7939

When the prophecy concerning the Lord was read from Isaiah, chapter 53, the Jews maintained complete silence and could raise no objection; they were also afraid that it would be read before them a second time. Thus they were convicted; for, by reason of their shame and innate hostility, they did not wish to be convinced, as I manifestly perceived; IV p. 65 [p. 135]; see p. 95 [8203] 7968

That hereditary evils and other evils acquired by act, cannot condemn those who are the Lord's; [from experience] IV p. 75 [p. 158] 8037

That with a man of perverse faith or life, evil spirits pervert all and single things that are of true faith, until at last nothing of faith remains; this is still more the case in the learned of the world; IV p. 82-83 [p. 174-175] 8080

That evil spirits are averse to the least ray of truth, and so extinguish it; IV p. 83 [p. 176] 8084

That in the faithful the Lord lifts the thoughts and the contents of the thoughts upwards to Himself; and as soon as they are let down they fall backwards into the world; [from experience], IV p. 87 [p. 183] 8110

What it was granted me to perceive and learn concerning the arrival and departure of spirits; concerning their sensible attraction whence comes shade; and concerning liberation from them; IV p. 88 [p.186] 8120

That birds like many other creatures represent the kingdom of the Lord; and that, without a representation of the Lord's kingdom, nothing in the world can subsist; IV p. 88 [p. 187] 8121

That evil spirits ascribe all things to themselves and their own prudence and counsel; and although they are manifestly convinced that the case is otherwise, they still return to the same phantasies; IV p. 89-90 [p. 191] 8134

That evil spirits were permitted to extinguish all light with me, so that I understood nothing at all of what I was reading; IV p. 93 [p. 198-199] 8178

That evil spirits also hold the faithful captive; IV p. 95 [p. 199] 8182

The Jews could not but understand what was signified in Jeremiah 23(8), and one of them said so; therefore, they labored to draw my mind away, but could not; IV p. 95 [p. 204-5]; see p. 65 8203

That when I was brought into spiritual things by means of philosophy, I was blinded and fell into negations and doubts; IV p. 96 [p. 206-7] 8212

[Concerning Vastation, IV p. 98 [p. 210] 8222]

So far as man is left to himself he falls back, IV p. 101 [p. 216] 8236

It was shown me that there are cohorts of evil spirits, and genera and species of those who are called Babel, and who are Baalim; and that these strive to pour black poison into my thoughts; IV p. 106 [p. 225] 8263

/ 8263