Spiritual Experiences-Word Explained #229

By Emanuel Swedenborg
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229. 5478. Take, for example, "bread" in the Prayer of our Lord [Matt. 6:11, Luke 11:3]. When holy bread was displayed to them on the table, and also loaves upon the whole burnt offering, then, in the people's eyes, the holiness was in the bread, and from this a bread is portrayed extending to all the necessities of life, as well as to all spiritual food, and heavenly food, and finally, to God the Messiah, Who is the Heavenly Bread and the Manna. For this reason also, they obtained their heavenly bread day by day, so that only God the Messiah might be portrayed constantly in their food, and thus be all in all things.

The same thing also is imparted to the human mind in the Lord's Prayer; for just as [the meaning of] "bread" is extended also to all the necessities of earthly life, so by the inner person it is extended to all the necessities of spiritual and heavenly life. This, then, is the "daily Bread."*

[Feeling (Affection); Church; Outer; Humbling; Inward; Prayer; Order; Portrayal (Representation); Spirit]

* The original manuscript here has "Pater" instead of "Panis."

/ 403  

Thanks to the Academy of the New Church, and Bryn Athyn College, for the permission to use this translation.