Spiritual Experiences #4140

Spiritual Experiences (Odhner translation)

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4140. The speech* of angelic spirits

The thought of angelic spirits**

This can hardly be described in the most general terms, as, for instance, that mental imagery is tied variously to real things, even that it is in the real things, which are like containers, or centers from which numerous things arise, so that if only there is truth [and] good, then truth and good can be portrayed in many ways, and be attached to them and be in them, and thence their imagery be spread around into many areas. Symbolic portrayals can also be shaped in which they are and to which they are attached - such as bright, golden candlesticks variously decorated with symbolic ornaments. A candlestick so fashioned, for example, may serve as an object, as a container, whence innumerable scenes arise from a single subject consisting of many subjects together. From whatever affection they are thinking, be it a sigh, a laugh, or any other, they can have in it, and with it, many more subjects having things that are in or with them. For everything of that kind, such as a laugh, comes forth due to many causes, and in these causes are also the various causes of causes, which are unknown to man, and can never be investigated.

[2] Also formed out of real things are the varied and numerous auras, such as the various auras of goodness, with their own light, with tempering of the light by countless means. By the presence of the light and its moderation, the aura is tempered by feelings and the countless shapes of the feelings, by removals through thought alone of those things they wish to go away, which then depart, and thus tempering the auras of real things and symbolic portrayals, so that it is unutterable how many scenes there are beyond number, that must be called countless numbers of countless numbers of countless numbers,*** 12 Febr. 1749: as in Psalm 144:12, "that our daughters may be as cornerstones, cut out in the figure of a palace," goods here to be understood by daughters, which can be portrayed by angelic mental imagery, never otherwise than in an angelically living manner, with innumerable details.

* This word is semi-deleted in the manuscript.

** The manuscript has angelorum.

*** Astrological symbol of the sun, meaning Sunday.

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Thanks to the Academy of the New Church, and Bryn Athyn College, for the permission to use this translation.