Spiritual Experiences #3427

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3427. About the drunkenness of spirits

It was granted me also to learn by visual experience, and in fact even to feel somewhat, the drunkenness of spirits, which is one of the punishments of those in hell, but not a harsh one. For a long time those same spirits [complained] of the annoyance and stupor of drunkenness who had previously reasoned keenly and, after having heard many truths, had thereby become drunken - and indeed, spiritually. On the way.

[3427 1.2.] Begyntas at inga hurhyrden den 23 Nov: 1748, 6 Shill: om weckan 1/2 ahr, om 1 ahr, sa mycket afkortas da, at det blifwer 14 Pund, res: 32 Shill: dreback. 1

[3427 1.3.] Den forsta dromen om den [var]i schene sin far och mor, vard [Sept.], 1749:20 ad 22. 2

[3427 1.4.] Appearances according to which it is permissible to speak, but not to think correctly

1.) That God punishes those who are evil, that He grows angry, puts them away from Himself, does not regard them.

2.) That people do good, speak truth, that they are good, truthful, that they live from themselves when yet they cannot, since they cannot think and will from themselves.

[3427 1.5.] What Good is, what the truth of Good, and what truth

Take fruit [for example:]

- whatever use the fruit serves, is good,

- how it its put to the use, is the truth of good,

- the quality of the fruit's taste, smell, and beauty, is truth.

Take the odor of fruit or of flowers:

- whatever use the odor serves, such as to the brain, the lung, the heart, is good,

- how it is made to serve the use, by the nostrils, the temple, or [the region] around the head like a wreath, is the truth of good,

- what kind of odor, and such characteristics, are truth.

Take charity:

- whatever use the charity serves, is the good.

- how the charity is to be dispensed, is the truth of good,

- what kind of charity, is the truth.

[3427 1.6.] The general law of heaven

1.) so far as the love of commanding enters into a person, so far the love toward the neighbor departs.

2.) Thus so far as love toward the neighbor departs, so far love to the Lord departs, for the good that is from Him is the neighbor, as well as the truth of good.

3.) Hence it follows that insofar as the love of commanding enters, so far saving faith, which is from the Lord, departs. For faith belongs to the truth of good.

4.) That this is so is evident from marriage love. Insofar as this departs, so far the love of commanding enters. Marriage love is the fundamental of all loves.


1. Swedish for: "Payment of rent began the 23rd day of Nov., 1748, in the amount of six shillings per week for a half year. If it extends to a whole year, then the amount will be reduced to make it fourteen pounds, leaving a 32 shillings' refund."

2. Swedish for: "The first dream about him, in which his father and mother appeared, took place in [Sept.], 1749 - the 20th to the 22nd." This probably relates to paragraph [6110 1/2]: see Documents, vol. II:2, p. 750.


(References: Arcana Coelestia 6997)

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